In Pictures: Lotus pioneers. Where are they now?

IBM kills Lotus name, but software, key players, live on

Steve Beckhardt

Bechhardt says, "I designed the original Notes Server. But I'm probably best known for designing the Notes replication system. I also worked on many other areas including encryption, networking, full text search, etc. After Ray Ozzie left in 1998, I took over as president of Iris Associates until I left to join IBM Life Sciences in 2000." He later worked with two RFID startups and is currently part of the software development team at Sonos, which makes a wireless HiFi system.

On the Lotus name: "I think Lotus is a great brand and has served IBM very well. However, IBM's acquisition of Lotus was 17 years ago, so it's probably time to move on and rebrand the products with the IBM brand," says Beckhardt.

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