In Pictures: Lotus pioneers. Where are they now?

IBM kills Lotus name, but software, key players, live on

Tim Halvorsen

Halvorsen recalls that he, Ozzie and Len Kawell "were all friends from our college days, having all worked on the development team of a computer system at the University of Illinois called PLATO, which had a number of collaboration features.

At Iris, "We started out immediately designing and writing the first version of Lotus Notes,” says Halvorsen. "Ray and I worked on the low-level coding framework, as well as developing the Notes database."

Halvorson retired from the company in 2002. Since then, he’s worked at the board level with various startups. "I have recently joined a new startup called "Clear Ballot Group" as CTO and the primary designer," says Halvorsen. On the demise of the Lotus name: "I am not upset in the slightest."

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