In Pictures: 15 coolest gadgets at Macworld/iWorld Expo

The Macworld | iWorld Expo in San Francisco is an Apple lover's Disneyland. Ashton Kutcher kicked things off by plugging his movie "iJobs," but the main attraction is the showroom floor where vendors display their wares, everything from iPad and iPhone add-ons to iOS apps to Apple enterprise gear.

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One of the geekiest gadgets on the show floor is the Mauz, a small piece of hardware that plugs into the iPhone connector. Now here's where it gets tricky: The Mauz uses the iPhone's front camera, proximity sensor, motion accelerator and Wi-Fi connection to turn the iPhone into a hand-held computer mouse much like a Nintendo Wii controller. You can also wave your hand over the iPhone and Mauz to scroll through PowerPoint slides and perform other functions. Mauz is expected to come to market in June. Cost: $70.

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