In Pictures: Hot or not, 10 tech trends for 2013

Breakouts and busts: Here's the lowdown on this year's sizzlers and fizzlers in tech

NOT: Ultra HD screens

Ultra-HD displays were all the rage at CES this year, but don't expect to find one hanging from your or anyone else's living room wall any time soon. Why? The usual reasons: Content formulated to look its best at 4320p will be ultra-rare for some time to come, and the 4K sets available today are still ultra expensive -- try $20,000 for an 84-inch model. Even a "budget priced" 50-incher could run you five times the cost of a standard 1080p panel. If you're like most of us, you probably bought a state-of-the-art flat panel within the last three or four years. Unlike computers, televisions don't go obsolete that quickly, no matter how much you might want them to.

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