In Pictures: 9 iPhone and iPad apps that invade your privacy, and 1 that doesn't

Most iPhone and iPad apps appear harmless and fun, but don't fall for them. Some apps are virtual Trojan horses that swipe personal data when you're not looking. Appthority has put together a list of some of the worst offenders and you may be shocked to learn that a couple of the most popular apps made the list, such as Facebook and Angry Birds Star Wars. Be sure to check out the app at the end of the list for the one most honest.

StoneWater Church

What it does: Religion-based apps promise to make daily deliveries of truth. StoneWater Church (free) gives "life-changing messages of Jesus Christ" over the iPhone and iPad. But I wouldn't have too much faith in the privacy and security of this app.

What are the risks: • Not compiled as a Position Independent Executable (PIE), which could expose the app to memory corruption attacks. • Uses Google Maps (location tracking) and transmits source or destination location values unencrypted via HTTP. • Can access a user's Location, Calendar and Contacts Book. • Includes file paths to source code files in debug information, stored within the app's executable. These file paths often include usernames or other information related to the app developer or development company.

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