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Microsoft announces Xbox HDTV to match Apple HDTV

If ever there were a year for Apple to jump into the television market, it's 2013. Smart TVs loaded with apps are becoming more popular, and TV makers are gearing up to push high-def OLED HDTVs for mainstream adoption in 2014, according to NPD DisplaySearch.

This sets the stage for Apple to introduce the AppleTV, featuring apps from NBC, ABC, CBS, and other big-time content providers for viewing on-demand content. AppleTV will also have advanced features such as built-in AirPlay and Siri integration.

Not to be outdone, Microsoft will announce that the Xbox HDTV will ship sometime in 2014. This package will sport a built-in Xbox 720 (also announced in 2013), Kinect 2.0, and augmented-reality glasses.

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