In Pictures: 10 mobile startups to watch

As a catch-all term, “mobile” can mean anything from a me-too app to an elaborate augmented reality platform.

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Gravity Jack

Founder: Luke Richey, who was previously CEO of Elite Distributing.

What it does: Develops augmented reality solutions.

Why it's interesting: Augmented reality has underperformed so far, but Gravity Jack bucks this trend. The company has created augmented reality campaigns for major clients, including Coca-Cola and Bowflex. Gravity Jack’s browsAR platform features real-time visual search, interactive e-commerce, polling, social media integration, analytics and white-label integration. They also plan to roll out additional features, such as object detection, soon.

Funding: The company has raised $220,000 in seed funding and is currently one-third of the way through raising a $1.5 million bridge round.

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In Pictures: 10 mobile startups to watch

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