In Pictures: 10 mobile startups to watch

As a catch-all term, “mobile” can mean anything from a me-too app to an elaborate augmented reality platform.

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Founder: Dan Carroll, formerly senior vp of digital at Icon International; and CEO Mike Farmer, who previously held senior management level positions at CAP CO2, kozoru, and Rand McNally.

What it does: Develops mobile search solutions.

Why it's interesting: Instead of a search engine or a “decision engine,” Leap2 provides a “context engine” that delivers “faster, more precise answers by combining direct-to-web options with social results.” Leap2 also has a “living search” feature. Many search queries – such as updates from sports teams or healthy recipes – are driven by an ongoing curiosity. A person’s interest doesn’t end at that precise moment; instead, a sports fan wants to know about athlete injuries, scores, drafts and trades as soon as they happen.

Funding: $280,000 in seed funding.

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In Pictures: 10 mobile startups to watch

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