In Pictures: 8 Creative Tech Innovations to Attract Customers

Get inspired for 2013 by checking out technologies that make products and services more appealing to today's demanding customers.

Let Them Buy With 24/7 Convenience

ATMs were built to dispense cash when bank branches were closed. Sprinkles Cupcakes bakery in Los Angeles wanted to offer that type of on-demand service for its products. Customers don't have to wait until the bakery is open, they can walk up to the cupcake ATM and use a touch screen to select a freshly baked cupcake and pay via credit card. A camera mounted on a robotic arm shows the cupcake's trip through the machine until it's presented to the customer through the ATM window.

Sprinkles staff can monitor the supply of about 600 fresh cupcakes using a real-time inventory system and see which flavors are in stock and which need to be replenished so they can keep up with the 24/7 demand.

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