In Pictures:6 tools for rapid mobile development

No-code, low-code, and Cloud-based offerings give developers even more options for rapid prototyping and deployment of mobile apps

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RunRev LiveCode

RunRev LiveCode enables apps to be written once for mobile, Web, desktop, and server deployments. It features its own “easy to learn” scripting language, according to the company. “It’s very unique in the marketplace because it allows you to create a single source base that simultaneously targets multiple platforms,” says user Douglas Lyman, president of AltaPoint Data Systems, which has used LiveCode to create an app for legal billing and case management. LiveCode produces native apps for various platforms, he says. “It is very stable and there’s some things that I would like to see it have that I believe are coming, but overall, I’m very pleased with it.” He cites mobile database support beyond MySQL as a sought-after feature.

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In Pictures:6 tools for rapid mobile development

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