In pictures: 12 ways the iPad Is changing healthcare

For an industry that has tried to avoid technology, healthcare is embracing the iPad. Here's a look at how it's being used today and the promise it holds for tomorrow.

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The iPad Improves Surgery Preparation, Recovery

Surgeons and their teams need access to lots of data before, during and after a procedure. As the saying goes, there's an app for that. Beforehand, reference apps help surgeons study the procedure, identify possible risks and tell patients what will happen. (Surgeons can even play the piano on an iPad to put a patient in the operating room at ease.) During surgery, an iPad placed in a sterile sleeve or X-ray cassette bag lets surgeons review imaging studies previously saved to the cloud. Live remote monitoring of vital signs, object recognition and videoconferencing are additional iPad surgical use cases. Afterward, surgeons can document their procedures and share relevant information with patients.

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