In pictures: 12 ways the iPad Is changing healthcare

For an industry that has tried to avoid technology, healthcare is embracing the iPad. Here's a look at how it's being used today and the promise it holds for tomorrow.

The iPad Makes Medical Software More Accessible

Much medical software is built on old code (the MUMPS programming language dates back to the late 1960s) that runs on old operating systems (Windows XP is not uncommon). Users need a keyboard, a mouse and substantial training to just get started, while IT departments must maintain legacy systems to support these clunky apps. The iPad's mobility and touch screen, on the other hand, means that today's medical software developers have no choice but to create intuitive applications that work on the go. This is good news: a slick user interface will engage physicians as well as patients, who will need an easy way to track weight, blood pressure and other vital signs as they age.

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