In Pictures: Top 25 network and IT industry stories of 2012

The Cloud, tablets, software-defined networking, IPv6 and 4G wireless reshape the enterprise IT landscape in 2012

The e-lection

Technology issues got short shrift compared to budget, taxes and other hot button topics during the Presidential election, but that’s not to say tech didn’t play a big role in the results. Citizens of New Jersey, affected by Hurricane Sandy, were allowed to vote by email or fax, but technical issues stymied many of them. The process also renewed security concerns about email voting. Meanwhile, the Obama campaign blew away Mitt Romney’s camp on the social media front, measured by Facebook and Twitter followers, and the President’s campaign was also said to have tapped into social media analytics to gauge voter sentiment. Romney’s “Orca” project ran into serious glitches at key times and might have done the campaign more harm than good.

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