In Pictures: 8 cool features in Adobe Acrobat XI

The new, 11th version of Acrobat sports a number of new wrinkles

Resizing, moving and adjusting images

You can edit graphics in PDFs. They can be resized or moved, and minor adjustments (cropping, flipping, rotating) can be applied. However, if an image is set within a paragraph, the surrounding text won’t automatically reflow should you move or resize it. (If changes to an image you require are great, you may be better off going back to the app used to create the PDF document.) No application can let you enlarge an image without losing its sharpness, which is most noticeable with a photograph, of course. But we wondered if Acrobat XI would do some technical voodoo on line art as you magnify its size, but such images still looked blocky along their edges.

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