In Pictures: 10 types of tablet users that drive us nuts

Tablet PCs are valuable devices that can simplify and enhance our lives. But they also bring out the worst in some people. Here's a list of 10 stereotypical tablet users that amuse, annoy and frustrate us to no end.

The Tablet Showoff

You know a Tablet Showoff when you see one, because he or she holds up their tablet like a badge of honor. Tablet Showoffs frequently cradle their tablets like small children when walking around. Tablet Showoffs identify themselves, and others, based on their tablets of choice. The Tablet Showoff's natural environment is the trendy coffee shop. And though they may sometimes seem intimidating or standoffish, Tablet Showoffs can be quite friendly—as long as they approve of your tablet of choice. (Tablet Showoffs are often, but not always, iPad users. And most Tablet Showoffs use only cases or sleeves that leave the Apple logo on the back of their iPad exposed, so everyone knows their technology vendor of choice.)

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