In Pictures: 10 types of tablet users that drive us nuts

Tablet PCs are valuable devices that can simplify and enhance our lives. But they also bring out the worst in some people. Here's a list of 10 stereotypical tablet users that amuse, annoy and frustrate us to no end.

The Tablet Shutterbug

Forgive the Tablet Shutterbug – he knows not what he does. This poor fella usually has a smartphone with a better-quality camera that is much easier to use than the one in his tablet PC. He may even own a high-end point-and-shoot digital camera. HOWEVER, none of that matters to the Tablet Shutterbug because his camera of choice is his tablet. He can be spotted in public awkwardly holding up his tablet to snap a quick pic. And it's not uncommon for him to drop the tablet while clumsily trying to tap the on-screen camera button. On top of all this, the Tablet Shutterbug never gets any good photos because tablet cameras suck.

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