In Pictures: 10 types of tablet users that drive us nuts

Tablet PCs are valuable devices that can simplify and enhance our lives. But they also bring out the worst in some people. Here's a list of 10 stereotypical tablet users that amuse, annoy and frustrate us to no end.

Sports Fan Tablet Man

Sports Fan Tablet Man, or Woman, loves a good day at the ballpark. But he's not satisfied with the warm sun, a cold beer and a steaming hot dog. Sports Fan Tablet Man needs his tablet to make a sporting event complete. Sports Fan Tablet Man often goes to games without another person; his tablet is company enough. He frequently uses headphones to further shut himself out from others fans. And Sports Fan Tablet Man isn't self-conscious about his game-day tablet use at all; in fact, he'll often purposely draw attention to himself and his tablet by telling strangers how "awesome" a new app is.

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