In Pictures: iPhone to Android. How to make the switch

If the Galaxy S III or other smartphone tempts you, here's how you can still fit it in Apple's ecosystem

Getting apps

It's a cliché, but a true one: In iOS, there's (very likely) an app for that. Android has a smaller app selection. But you'll find that content apps and services apps (such as for banking, public transit, and airlines) are almost always available for Android if available for iOS. Ditto for basic utilities such as flashlights, social media, restaurant finders, and bar-code scanners.

Android does have fewer "pro" apps. If photo editing is your thing, you can't get Snapseed, iPhoto, or Photoshop Touch, and if office productivity is what you need, there's really just the $15 Quickoffice Pro. But chances are you use your iPad or computer for those tasks.

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