In Pictures: 8 real-world Big Data deployments

The amount of data in the world doubles every 18 months. Here's a look at eight real-world big data deployments in a variety of industries.

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NARA Electronic Records Archive

The National Archive and Records Administration (NARA) is the official record keeper of the U.S. It manages 142 TB (and growing) of information, which represents more than 7 billion objects, including records from across the federal agency ecosystem, Congress and several presidential libraries. The records that are digitized exist in more than 4,800 different formats. NARA is also in the process of digitizing more than four million cubic feet of traditional archival holdings. By 2016, 95 percent of the electronically archived information must be available to researchers. NARA has built the Electronic Records Archive (ERA) as a "system of systems" to perform the various archival functions and records management governed by different legal frameworks.

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In Pictures: 8 real-world Big Data deployments

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