In Pictures: 7 solid 7-inch tablets that rival the iPad mini (and cost less)

The best 7-inch tablets available today, including tablets from ASUS, Samsung, Lenovo and HTC. And all 7 of these 7-inchers cost less than Apple's brand new iPad mini tablet.

Apple iPad mini

Apple this week unveiled its latest product lineup, and among the shiny new tech toys is a smaller, 7.9-inch iPad tablet, called the iPad mini. But Apple is late to the 7-inch tablet party, and while the iPad mini is sure to set sales records just like its older, bigger brother, it's hardly the only solid 7-inch slate available today. iPad mini is also one of most expensive 7-inch slates, with a starting price of $329 for the 16GB, Wi-Fi only model. The following 7-inch tablets are all legitimate iPad mini alternatives—and they'll all take a lesser toll on your wallet.

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