In Pictures: Android tethering apps, 6 excellent options

Want to use your Android phone to get your tablet or PC online? Here are five apps that'll let you share your data connection in no time.

In Pictures: Android tethering apps, 6 excellent options next



Android tethering: From USB to Wi-Fi

Even though we're walking around with constantly connected smartphones, many of us struggle to get our other devices online. The easiest way (outside of public Wi-Fi) is to tether them to your phone, either via a USB cable or by using the phone to create a Wi-Fi hotspot.

Data tethering is built natively into Android. However, some carriers make that feature difficult to use -- they'd rather have you pay extra to subscribe to their tethering services. As a result, your carrier may not approve of the use of these apps. (Apple definitely doesn't approve; there are no tethering apps in the App Store.)

With one of these six apps, though, you can harness your phone's 3G/4G connection to quickly get your tablet or laptop online.

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