In Pictures: Beyond the smartphone - Emerging platforms developers should target next

From the car to the living room, technologies and markets are quickly evolving to offer lucrative possibilities for programming pioneers

Beyond the smartphone: Emerging platforms developers should target next

A long time ago in a mindset far away, programming your phone seemed like science fiction. The millions of ways people would reprogram smartphones just a few short years later was beyond comprehension.

So when we say you may soon be targeting apps at users’ shirt pockets, not what they put in them, you may think us daft. But all it takes is a market. The technology is there, at least sort of.

To help you get a jump on these platforms, we poked around some unlikely places. In many cases, raw APIs already exist. Scratch the surface, and the potential for porting apps beyond the smartphone becomes evident. The following is a look at what we found.

Photo Credit: Ho New / Reuters

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