In Pictures: Microsoft hardware successes and failures

Microsoft’s new Surface tablet isn’t the first time that Redmond has moved into the hardware arena. The result: Some wins, but even more fails.

Flop: Windows Slate With Windows 7 (2010)

HP, Fujitsu, Dell, Motion, Samsung, and ViewSonic all have released Windows 7 tablets, with limited success. "The challenge with Windows 7 is that it's based on the same paradigm as 1985--it's really an interface that's optimized for a mouse and keyboard," said Howard Locker, Lenovo's director of new technology, after the company scrapped its plans to build a Windows 7 tablet in 2010. "It has to be optimized for touch."

In 2010 Microsoft's Steve Ballmer relaunched the UMPC (described in next slide) as the Slate PC, the intention being to promote tablets running Windows 7 and to beat Apple's iPad to the punch. In this instance, however, having a head start didn’t pan out for Microsoft.

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