In Pictures: Windows 8 Release Preview - a visual tour

Here are some of the more interesting improvements - and quirks - of Windows 8 RP, as Microsoft sprints to the finish line

The Metro apps still have bugs

Microsoft improved the Metro Bing Finance app a bit, with new currency conversion and global stock market summaries. Like all of the flashy new Metro apps, there are lots of big pictures, which display quite spectacularly on the Metro Start screen tiles, and it’s all very touch-friendly.

But there are also mistakes, like this one. The Russell 2000 closed last week at 737.42, as shown, but the monthly graph pegs it at about 1,840. (Click to enlarge.) Like all of the new Microsoft Metro apps, the Metro Bing Finance app acts like a shell with data poured into it from the Bing site. So it should be easy to fix this gaffe. Let’s see how long it takes Microsoft to correct it.

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