In Pictures: Windows 8 Release Preview - a visual tour

Here are some of the more interesting improvements - and quirks - of Windows 8 RP, as Microsoft sprints to the finish line

Windows 8 Release Preview

Windows 8 Release Preview will be the last version of Windows 8 before the final bits ship, probably in late July or early August. As I explained in my overview of Windows 8 Release Preview, most of the changes between Customer Preview and last week’s Release Preview barely rate a zero on the ho-hum scale. But there are two areas where RP has leapt ahead -- IE and Metro apps -- and we’ve been assured of several more changes to come by the time RTM crosses the finish line. Permit me to step you through a few of the more interesting parts of this version, and the one yet to come -- and draw some comparisons you aren’t likely to see elsewhere.

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