In Pictures: The Gearhead Show - 8 teeny tiny computers

Even though we're all walking around with computers in our pockets (a.k.a. smartphones) there's still lots of uses for even more and even smaller computers.

Netduino: An Arduino with .NET "Fu"

If you like the idea of the Arduino platform but you'd like to program in the Microsoft .NET Micro Framework (therapists are available if you can admit your problem), the Netduino is the product you've been looking for. Built on a 2.1-by-2.8-inch board, the open source Netduino has an 48MHz 32-bit Atmel ARM microcontroller with 128KB of Flash code storage and 60KB of RAM. All of the expansion boards (called "shields") that are available for the Arduino family are pin compatible with the Netduino, however not all drivers may be available for the Netduino (of course, you could write your own if you really needed to). Priced at an incredibly reasonable $34.95 this is a a cool way to recycle your .NET "fu."

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