In Pictures: A tribute to the TV remote control - Past, present, and future

A look at the history of remote controls, some of the coolest remotes out now, and what's ahead for changing the channels on your TV.

PrimeSense Natural Interaction

What's the future of the remote control? Perhaps we'll see a shift from control objects to control gestures. Given the success of Microsoft's Kinect for the Xbox 360, it's clear that we will be interacting with devices using physical movements rather than devices. PrimeSense, a company that makes 3D motion-sensing chips for the Kinect, is teaming up with various manufacturers to build similar technology directly into TV sets that will allow users to point and swipe at the things they want to watch.

With smartphone apps and innovative tech such as PrimeSense becoming available, it's no surprise why some of the previously mentioned dedicated remotes have been discontinued.

(Image: Courtesy of Microsoft)

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