In Pictures: 12 cool, creative and just plain weird gadget concepts

Take a gander at a dozen delightful concept designs for tomorrow's smartphones, laptops, gaming devices and more.

Fold-a-phone: Origami handset

Still have a landline phone at home? Bet the handset seems clunky and enormous compared to your mobile. Enter Chengyuan Wei's Origami handset, which starts as a flat sheet of cardboard that is bent and folded to create a 3D phone. All the electrical elements, including the microphone and speaker, are inside.

The result? Wei's phone has sharp angles and is as light and sleek as your present home phone is heavy and bulbous. It folds flat when not in use and pops open when you press on its sides to answer a call. It has a phone network connector on the end for plugging in, but a key design flaw as well: no obvious way to dial a call.

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