In Pictures: 11 not entirely useless factoids about BlackBerry maker RIM

Trivial pursuits swirling around BlackBerry World 2012

RIM wins an Oscar

A 1998 Academy Award (and an Emmy) for Technical Achievement went to two Canadian National Film Board scientists, Ed H. Zwaneveld and Frederick Gasoi, and Mike Lazaridis and Dale Brubacher-Cressman, of RIM, for designing and developing the DigiSync Film Keykode Reader. The system processed the machine-readable barcodes on the edge of film stock, used to find, track and match film cuts in post-production work. Lazaridis attended a pre-Oscar ceremony and was handed the award (not the distinctive gold Oscar statuette) by actress Anne Heche, who had a small role that year in the movie “The Third Miracle.”

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