Pimp your laptop

Skin it, stick it, etch it, paint it--check out these ways to make your laptop PC look unique without breaking it (or your bank account).

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<h2>For Those Who Aren't Afraid of Permanence </h2><br><br>Skins and stickers can make a laptop look cheap. If you have a design in mind--and no issues with voiding your warranty--you can achieve a pretty cool look with laser engraving. [[xref:http://www.adafruit.com/laser/|Adafruit Industries|Adafruit Industries]], an etching service in New York City, charges just US$100 to burn a permanent image onto a laptop case. <br><br>(Image from [[xref:http://www.zedomax.com/|Zedomax|Zedomax]].)

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Pimp your laptop

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