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    Microsoft urges death of Windows gadgets as researchers plan disclosures

    Just two weeks before researchers are to disclose bugs in Windows "gadgets" at Black Hat, Microsoft acknowledged unspecified security vulnerabilities in the small pieces of software supported by Vista and Windows 7.

  • Privacy groups hail Google, FTC settlement over Apple Safari tracking

    Privacy advocates today welcomed news of a possible Google proposal to settle Federal Trade Commission charges related to its surreptitious tracking of Apple Safari users.

  • Apple's EPEAT withdrawal raises recycling, disassembly concerns

    Apple's decision to withdraw products from the EPEAT standard it helped implement has raised concerns among industry observers and environmentalists, who said the design of the company's new products, including the Retina display, make laptops difficult to disassemble and recycle.

  • Microsoft patches critical drive-by IE9 bug, Windows zero-day

    Microsoft today patched 16 vulnerabilities, including one in Windows that's been exploited for weeks and two in Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) in the first-in-years back-to-back browser update.

  • Warp Trojan from China said to fool routers into spreading Windows malware

    A security firm says it has spotted malware from China dubbed the Warp Trojan that takes a totally new approach: After infecting a vulnerable Windows computer, it pretends to be a router and tells the real local subnet router to send traffic for other networked computers to the infected machine, so the malware can then try to compromise the other computers through a man-in-the-middle attack.

  • Microsoft claims backup and restore breakthrough in Windows 8

    Windows 8 makes the process of file backup and restore the easiest it's ever been for users of Windows OSes, Microsoft said on Tuesday.

  • Under competitive pressure, Dropbox doubles capacity, not prices

    Under pressure from Google Drive and other industry heavyweights, Dropbox announced it is doubling the capacity of its Pro 50 and Pro 100 online storage options and will also offer a new 500GB service plan.

  • Google's Schmidt says China censorship will fail

    After carefully working with China for the past two years, Google Chairman Eric Schmidt bluntly predicted the fall of the Great Firewall of China.

  • What's wrong with SaaS?

    The software as a service market is still in a state of flux and before SaaS can reach its full potential, service providers must overcome integration, customization and brokerage issues.

  • Microsoft equips Windows Server for cloud duty

    Microsoft is giving hosting providers and other organizations some tools for setting up their own Windows-based cloud systems using Microsoft Windows Server.

  • Sprint teams with CSC on IaaS cloud

    Sprint is jumping into the infrastructure as a service (IaaS) cloud market via a joint venture with established cloud vendor CSC, the companies announced Tuesday.

  • Oracle adds to social-media software arsenal with Involver acquisition

    Oracle said Tuesday it is buying startup Involver, a move that adds to its burgeoning array of marketing, analytics and customer service software aimed at the social Web.

  • Java-based Web attack installs backdoors on Windows, Linux, Mac computers

    A new Web-based social engineering attack that relies on malicious Java applets attempts to install backdoors on Windows, Linux and Mac computers, according to security researchers from antivirus vendors F-Secure and Kaspersky Lab.

  • Four tips to prepare for the next Amazon outage

    It happened again: Amazon Web Service suffered its latest outage in late June. Now, as the dust has settled, customers are reassessing what lessons can be learned and how to prepare for the inevitable next one.

  • Apple kicks off new iPad sales in China next week

    Apple today said it would start selling the new iPad in China starting Friday, July 20.

  • MicroStrategy rolling out 'Express' version of cloud BI

    MicroStrategy is adding an Express option for potential users of its cloud-based BI (business intelligence) service, the company announced Tuesday.

  • Bruce Schneier's book: The Internet has created 'the largest trust gap' in history

    Technology, often made possible through networks, grants new powers to communicate and learn, to travel, to make decisions of critical importance, to make things, provide services, sell them and buy them. In a modern society, it's all done against a backdrop of trust not only that the technology is reliable and secure, but that the people involved in every process, whether we meet them face-to-face or not, are trustworthy. That trust is largely created by societal pressures -- ranging from codes of moral behavior and laws, plus worries about reputation, for example.

  • Verizon to sell BlackBerry Curve 9310 for $50 after rebate, starting Thursday

    Verizon Wireless announced the BlackBerry Curve 9310 smartphone will go on sale for $49.99 after rebate, with a two-year service plan, starting with online sales Thursday and in stores in the "coming weeks."

  • Report: Google close to deal with FTC to pay record $22.5M fine for violating Apple users' privacy

    Google is close to a deal with the Federal Trade Commission to pay a record fine of $22.5 million related to violating the privacy of millions of Apple Safari browser users by bypassing their privacy settings, according to The Wall Street Journal.

  • hit with second major outage in two weeks suffered a significant service outage on Tuesday, less than two weeks after another serious set of system problems.