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  • Qubes OS 1.0 isolates programs inside virtual machines for increased security

    The first stable version of Qubes OS, an open source desktop operating system designed to provide a greater level of security by isolating programs inside virtual machines with different permissions, was released Monday by Polish security firm Invisible Things Lab (ITL).

  • 12 hot cloud computing companies worth watching

    While big-name players such as Amazon, Google, IBM, Verizon and VMware sit atop the burgeoning cloud computing market, an entire ecosystem of early stage startups are looking to stake their claim, too.

  • drops under pressure its bid to trademark "social enterprise" has decided to withdraw its applications to trademark the term "social enterprise" following objections from social organizations who held that the term was understood to describe businesses with a social purpose, it said Tuesday.

  • App expands end users' collaboration capabilities in LinkedIn Groups

    Bloomfire has created a tool that gives LinkedIn users more collaboration capabilities, including creation, publishing and sharing of multimedia content, when participating in the site's discussion groups, Bloomfire said on Tuesday.

  • CDW CEO: On growing services, cloud applications and reshaping IT

    In this installment of the IDG Enterprise CEO Interview Series, CDW CEO Thomas Richards spoke with Chief Content Officer John Gallant about how CDW is expanding its strategic services offering, and how mobility and consumerization are expanding growth opportunities for the company. He also talked about the rollout of Windows 8 and the Surface tablet, and why CDW is in an ideal position to capitalize on the big changes reshaping IT.

  • Amazon makes storage service more web-friendly

    Amazon is adding a Cross-Origin Resource Sharing capability to its S3 Simple Storage Service, allowing developers to more easily build web applications that access data stored in the company's cloud.

  • Labor Day weekend: Is your AWS cloud under control?

    What happens behind the scenes in your cloud over Labor Day Weekend? Before you start thinking about lighting up the BBQ, make sure that your AWS cloud is under control and not creating unexpected surprises for Tuesday morning.

  • Dell joins the ranks of systems pre-configured for VDI

    Dell and VMware have partnered to offer a rack-mountable pre-configured system to support VDI environments.

  • Consolidation: Think beyond virtualization, think cloud

    It once made sense to run data center consolidation programs that were solely focused on virtualization. That time is over. To really reduce IT costs, data center consolidation means moving most applications to the cloud, and virtualizing only those that are better run in-house. If you only think about virtualization when you think of consolidation, you will miss opportunities to save.

  • Dell: SDN won't turn enterprise switches into commodity gear for 3-5 years

    Software-defined networking won't turn enterprise switches into an inexpensive commodity until three to five years from now, according to Arpit Joshipura, the former Force10 Networks executive who now manages Dell's networking products.

  • Mac users prep for Windows 8

    The two best-known virtualization products for the Mac, Parallels Desktop for Mac and Fusion, have both now produced updates optimized for the upcoming Windows 8.

  • How VMware Plans to Conquer More of the Data Center

    COMPANY: VMware

  • Oracle, Red Hat team on CAMP cloud standard

    Enterprise software rivals Red Hat and Oracle, along with a number of other software and online services providers, have collaborated on a standard that they hope will ease the use of PaaS (platform as a service) among customers.

  • Rackspace's continues buying spree to boost services

    Mergers and acquisitions are a steady source of churn in the technology industry and for cloud-service provider Rackspace, the company's M&A strategy has allowed it to expand into new areas of service, and beef up its existing offerings.

  • Microsoft links Windows 8 apps to Azure

    Windows Azure Mobile Services connects Windows 8-based client and mobile apps to scalable cloud; will include Android and iOS

  • Survey: One-third of Americans believe "the Cloud" is related to the weather, not tech

    Cloud seems to be a buzzword in tech, but it's misunderstood by a majority of regular Americans too, according to results of a new survey sponsored by Citrix.

  •'s next release to feature Chatter updates, new third-party app integration tools has revealed details of what's coming in its next major product update, Winter '13, in a set of release notes recently posted on its website.

  • VMware joining OpenStack delayed, for now

    The OpenStack Board of Directors met this week and on the agenda was a somewhat surprising action item: Vote on whether or not to accept VMware - once thought to be a competitor to the project - into the increasingly popular who's-who club of cloud computing.

  • VMware will integrate Intel's TXT security tech into vSphere 5.1

    The latest version of VMware's vSphere cloud platform will integrate Intel's trusted execution technology (TXT), a Xeon server feature that provides a new layer of hardware-based security.

  • VMworld 2012: Location data will be Holy Grail for real-time apps, tech CEOs say

    Big data could back a retail revolution for items as sophisticated as jet engines, a panel of CEOs from high-powered tech companies told a VM world audience.