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  • Career Watch: Staffing needs in the cloud

    Q&A: Greg Pierce

  • IaaS Case Study: Preferred Hotel Group prefers the cloud

    If you've ever stayed at the Trump International Hotel and Tower in Chicago, the Chancery Court Hotel in London or the Keio Plaza Hotel in Tokyo, then the Preferred Hotel Group handled your reservation, delivered technology-driven guest services and took care of a variety of other behind-the-scenes functions.

  • Amazon releases staggering storage figures

    Just how big is Amazon Web Service's (S3) Simple Storage Service? Well, it holds 905 billion objects, and it's growing by a billion per day, the company says.

  • Ubuntu founder pitches new tool for server provisioning

    Ubuntu developer Canonical is working on a new provisioning platform called Metal as a Service (MAAS), which will be used to activate new servers, on top of which a cloud can be deployed, founder Mark Shuttleworth said in a blog post on Wednesday.

  • Comparing participation in the open source cloud communities

    With competition heating up in open source clouds, an analysis of community participation among four major projects shows that Eucalyptus - the oldest of those studied - has the largest standing community but OpenStack and CloudStack are gaining momentum in the developer community.

  • Google deprecates old App Engine datastore in favor of High-Replication version

    Google is deprecating the Master/Slave Datastore used by its cloud platform App Engine in favor of the High-Replication Datastore (HRD), which offers better reliability, the company said in blog post on Wednesday.

  • Shell Oil targets hybrid cloud as fix for energy-saving, agile IT

    DALLAS - Two years ago, Shell Oil's IT subsidiary found itself in a somewhat ironic situation. It was facing staggering energy costs.

  • FTC reaches privacy settlement with Upromise college savings site

    Upromise, a Web service accused of collecting extensive information about its users without their consent, will be required to clearly disclose its data collection practices and obtain users' consent before installing a browser toolbar on their computers under a settlement approved by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission.

  • Terremark launches private cloud edition

    Some enterprise customers just aren't comfortable throwing their data into a public cloud environment, says Ellen Rubin, vice president of cloud products for Terremark, which is owned by Verizon.

  • EU releases guide for improving security in cloud contracts

    Users need to become better at asking cloud providers questions about the finer points of availability and vulnerability management in contracts, according to a new guide from the European Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA).

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    Citrix ditches OpenStack for Apache

    Citrix is giving its cloud deployment platform an Apache license, marking a migration away from the evolving OpenStack project and an embrace of Amazon Web Services offerings.

  • Terremark launches private cloud offering

    Terremark is offering enterprises a new private cloud service that includes the option to burst onto a public cloud.

  • Hitachi releases first enterprise-class 4TB hard drive

    Hitachi's former disk-drive division today announced what it said it the first enterprise-class 4TB hard disk drive.

  • Information Builders gives its BI platform more cloud-like capabilities

    Information Builders has added a range of improvements to its WebFocus BI (business intelligence) platform that will make it more appealing to ISVs and other providers that want to offer it as a cloud service, the company announced Tuesday.

  • Carriers make their play in the cloud

    The wave started last year when Time Warner Cable, the telecommunications company serving much of the Eastern United States, spent $230 million to purchase NaviSite, a provider of cloud services for businesses.

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    Red Hat: Beware of cloud 'open-washing'

    Open source software company Red Hat believes that companies like VMware and Microsoft are skewing the definition of open cloud by claiming that their virtualisation products are open when in fact they are closed.

  • Critics say FTC, Obama privacy plans would lead to major regulation

    Recent online privacy proposals by the U.S. White House and Federal Trade Commission could lead to new regulations that stifle innovation on the Internet, some lawmakers and other critics said Thursday.

  • Amazon posts human genetic details of 1,700 people

    Amazon Web Services today announced that genomic information of 1,700 individuals has been placed in its public cloud and can be accessed by anyone in the world.

  • How a CFO and an IT chief cooperate to add value at Able Engineering

    For Gregg Leach, CFO of aircraft overhaul and repair business Able Engineering, the need to involve the IT department on major projects was never questioned. "I've got more background in IT than I do in finance," said the finance chief, whose previous work experience included serving as the CIO of a health care company, and IT positions with finance components.

  • As 60th anniversary nears, tape reinvents itself

    The 60th anniversary of IBM's digital tape is coming up in May. Oh yeah, and tape is dead. Or so industry pundits have declared, echoing similar prognostications for the mainframe.

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