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  • Amazon connects node.js to AWS services

    Amazon is providing a way for one of the most popular JavaScript extensions, node.js, to easily access the Amazon Web Service collection of cloud computing capabilities.

  • HP makes public cloud service official; bolsters hypervisor support

    HP is taking the beta label off its public cloud and making it generally available today, along some other features that are part of its converged cloud strategy.

  • Red Hat RHEV gets storage savvy

    Less than a year after a major update to its Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization (RHEL) package, Red Hat has upgraded the software to offer more advanced storage capabilities.

  • Backed by $48M, startup Plexxi unveils SDN wares

    SDN startup Plexxi this week unveiled its products, which attempt to re-engineer data center networks for new applications and cloud traffic patterns.

  • Motorola streamlines Wi-Fi access with social networking accounts

    Motorola Solutions has unveiled a pair of quasi-cloud services that make it simpler for IT groups to set up secure connections for guest Wi-Fi users, including those with personally-owned devices, on corporate or retail wireless LANs.

  • The do's and don'ts of safeguarding cloud-based data with encryption

    One of the biggest stumbling blocks for companies contemplating entrusting a cloud-computing vendor with their data is the risk of unintended data exposure. A lot of data is sensitive. It might contain employees' financial information, patients' statutorily protected health information, other regulated information or proprietary intellectual property. Quite often, companies feel more control when they keep that sort of data in-house. But the risk that a cloud vendor might not handle your information as securely as you'd like can be mitigated.

  • Red Hat releases new Enterprise Linux beta

    Red Hat has released Enterprise Linux 6.4, a beta that deploys a number of new features, many of which are focused on interoperability with the Microsoft ecosystem.

  • IBM closes $1.3B Kenexa acquisition

    IBM has closed its US$1.3 billion acquisition of Kenexa, intended to boost IBM's enterprise social collaboration offerings with Kenexa's cloud-based human resources applications and IT services.

  • Windows shops now more welcome in Amazon cloud

    Amazon Web Services has announced support for a handful of Windows Server applications in its public cloud, the company's latest move to attract enterprise IT shops.

  • What's Amazon's enterprise strategy for the cloud?

    Roaming the floor of Amazon Web Services' first user conference last week, it didn't look like a traditional tech show. Many of the 6,000 attendees were with startups or midsize businesses looking to learn more about AWS services or the public cloud.

  • Google, Microsoft watching Amazon's cloud moves

    Among the 6,000 attendees of Amazon Web Services' first user conference were representatives from competing cloud companies Google and Microsoft. But these companies didn't have big booths and announcements like many other companies at the show. In fact, they were being a bit stealthy.

  • EMC and VMware spin out Big Data/Cloud division

    VMware and EMC have confirmed rumors that have been circulating for weeks that it would spin out its Big Data and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) Cloud products into a new division within the company named Pivotal Initiative, which will be led by former VMware chief, Paul Maritz.

  • Cisco, VMware and OpenFlow fragment SDNs

    Juniper Networks Executive Vice President Bob Muglia spelled it out succinctly: the nascent software-defined networking market is morphing into three camps - OpenFlow/open source, Cisco and VMware.

  • Tech pros getting MBAs: Necessary or not?

    Earning an MBA can help tech pros to bridge the gap between business and IT, but it's no guarantee of career success, nor does it automatically translate into a bigger salary.

  • Apple iOS vs. Google Android: It comes down to security

    Which is more secure, mobile devices based on Google Android or Apple iOS? It's not just a theoretical question to IT professionals making decisions about the future use of smartphones and tablets in the enterprise.

  • CIO succession: Promote from within vs. hire an outsider

    Tapping an outsider can bring fresh perspective and experience to the CIO's office, but it also can have a negative effect on companies' efforts to develop IT management talent internally

  • AT&T vs. Verizon Wireless: 4G-LTE coverage

    If ever there was a "phony war" in mobility, this is it.

  • Symantec releases first anti-malware software to work with VMware vShield security system

    Symantec today announced availability of its first anti-malware software protection that supports VMware's security architecture known as vShield, becoming the latest anti-malware vendor to do so following similar moves by Trend Micro, Kaspersky Lab and McAfee, among others.

  • Brooklyn Nets, Boston Celtics disagree...over the cloud

    When the Brooklyn Nets traveled to Boston to play the Celtics last week, it became apparent that the two organizations disagreed about something - the cloud.

  • IDC's 2013 tech predictions: Mobile devices, emerging markets drive growth

    Worldwide IT spending in 2013 will exceed $2.1 trillion, up 5.7% from 2012, predicts IDC. Mobility and emerging markets play dominant roles in the industry's growth.