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  • Ray Ozzie seeks encore to Lotus Notes, Microsoft triumphs

    Ray Ozzie -- the creator of Lotus Notes who had a successful five-year run at Microsoft -- stands ready to leave his next mark on the industry, this time with his nearly year-old startup Talko (formerly Cocomo), a venture funded by $4 million from investors and shrouded in secrecy.

  • AMD eyes server revival with aggressive new approach

    To break its slump in the server market, Advanced Micro Devices is adopting an aggressive strategy whose goals include the introduction of new ARM and x86 chips by 2014 and continued improvements to its Opteron line in the meantime.

  • Official document reveals the rules of Oracle's cloud

    An official document containing policies and pledges for customers of Oracle's cloud services reveals that many aspects fall in line with industry standards, while others may prompt cause for worry among customers, according to analysts.

  • New standard/tool address security dependencies

    There's a need to rely and trust forces outside our direct control for security -- and that awareness spurred the United Kingdom's national infrastructure protection authority to push for a standard way to model the implications of relying on technology, services, people and more.

  • Amazon makes it easier to track costs, usage in its cloud

    Somewhat undercutting a budding ecosystem of vendors that provide similar services, Amazon Web Services today announced increased features for customers to track their usage of AWS public cloud resources.

  • Google lets more users host App Engine applications in Europe

    Google is letting more App Engine users choose to run their applications in a European data center, in order to improve performance for local users or to meet compliance demands.

  • New TPC benchmark compares virtual workloads

    Extending its testing methodologies to the realm of virtualization, the Transaction Processing Performance Council (TPC) has introduced a benchmark that allows organizations to determine the responsiveness of database systems operating in virtual environments.

  • Rackspace follows Amazon in beefing up its database tools

    Following major announcements from Amazon Web Services in recent weeks around data warehousing and management, Rackspace today announced new capabilities for database hosting and management.

  • Dell software aims to automate mobile device management

    To handle the explosion of mobile devices in the enterprise, Dell this week unveiled plans for a server designed to automate a wide range of mobile management jobs for mid-range business customers.

  • Juniper buys SDN startup for $176M

    Juniper Networks this week acquired Contrail Systems, a startup that makes controllers for software-defined networks, for $176 million in cash and stock.

  • Inbound QoS -- control at your front door

    Network congestion has compelled organizations to deploy traffic shaping and Quality of Service (QoS) appliances just before the WAN router to control outbound traffic. But in today's complex environments, organizations are rethinking how to manage the onslaught of data flowing across the network, and the focus of congestion control has increasingly shifted to traffic flowing inbound from the many data sources.

  • Apptio keeps track of cloud costs with free tool

    Companies worried about their bills for cloud services have a new -- and free -- option: Apptio's Cloud Express, which can track usage and costs for cloud services from Amazon Web Services, Microsoft and Rackspace.

  • EMC joins OpenStack, likens it to Linux development

    Looking to stay up to date on the latest trends in the cloud computing world, EMC today became an official sponsor of OpenStack.

  • Nicira CTO shares sneak peek of company's SDN plans

    Nicira, the software-defined networking (SDN) startup that VMware purchased for $1.2 billion earlier this year, plans to release an SDN product that runs independent of the underlying hypervisor and hardware that will work in VMware environments and beyond.

  • Microsoft quashes critical bugs in IE10, Windows 8, Word

    Microsoft today patched a dozen vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer, Windows, Word and Exchange, fixing flaws in the new IE10 for the first time and crushing bugs in Windows 8 and Windows RT for the second month running.

  • Weather Channel forecasts heavier reliance on cloud computing

    During Hurricane Sandy this fall, The Weather Channel experienced its highest traffic ever. Normally the media company -- which spans television, desktop and mobile platforms -- supports about 90 million Web and mobile users a month. During Sandy, that jumped to 450 million -- nearly double the company's previous high for Web traffic.

  • Microsoft gives Xbox 360 SkyDrive app, file sharing

    The SkyDrive UI on the Xbox offers cross-platform access to apps, photos and videos. Microsoft also plans to deliver more than 40 new apps by next spring.

  • Bromium protects hosted desktops and Windows XP with its Microvisor

    Bromium has upgraded its security platform vSentry, which uses virtualization to isolate malicious code, to protect virtual desktops and old Windows XP PCs.

  • Microsoft puts SkyDrive app on Xbox360

    A new SkyDrive app for Microsoft's Xbox 360 allows users to upload content to Microsoft's cloud storage service from PCs and mobile devices, and then view it on the game console.

  • Survey: 1 in 3 'mission-critical' applications now in Cloud

    About 1 in 3 "mission-critical" applications are currently in the cloud, and this is expected to increase to 1 in 2 by 2015, according to a survey of 400 IT and business managers.