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  • IBM's Watson Health division will incorporate patient data from Apple

    The health information your Apple Watch collects could eventually end up in IBM's Watson cloud computing platform, where medical researchers and doctors can tap it in the course of their work.

  • IBM, Fujifilm show tape storage still has a long future

    IBM and Fujifilm have figured out how to fit 220TB of data on a standard-size tape that fits in your hand, flexing the technology's strengths as a long-term storage medium.

  • AWS offers machine-learning service to make sense of Big Data

    Enterprises will soon be able to do the kind of Big Data analysis that enables Amazon to recommend books, video games and toasters to its customers.

  • Salesforce revs up Pardot with two new B2B marketing-automation tools

    It's coming up on two years since Salesforce acquired Pardot, and on Thursday the company enriched its resulting Sales Cloud B2B marketing-automation product with two new key capabilities.

  • Amazon offers network file storage in the cloud

    Amazon Web Services continues to chip away at the enterprise storage market, with plans for a new service designed to be a nimbler alternative to network attached storage (NAS) appliances.

  • Cloud computing brings changes for IT security workers

    Watch out, computer security professionals: Cloud computing vendors are coming for your jobs.

  • Microsoft: Docker for Windows Server is right around the corner

    When Microsoft announced late last year it was bringing Docker's software containerization technology to Windows, the big question was: When?

  • Oracle bolsters Retail Cloud with new services

    It's been just over half a year since Oracle completed its US$5.3 billion acquisition of Micros, and on Wednesday the company added several new services to the retail-focused technologies it gained through that deal.

  • Microsoft creates a container for Windows

    Hoping to build on the success of Docker-based Linux containers, Microsoft has developed a container technology to run on its Windows Server operating system.

  • RedSeal gets new funding, executives

    Network visualization and risk assessment vendor RedSeal is re-launching with new capabilities, executives and funding that will be used to hire more engineers and boost its channel partners.

  • Microsoft lets more organizations access apps from Azure Marketplace

    Government and educational institutions can now buy applications via Microsoft's Azure Marketplace and deploy them on the company's cloud platform. The store is also opening to businesses that bought Azure services through Microsoft partners, rather than directly.

  • CoreOS's Tectonic shift: Enterprise-grade container management

    CoreOS, maker of the container-oriented Linux distribution of the same name, is now offering a commercial version of its product that's built for enterprises and includes tools for managing containers at scale.

  • RIP: OnLive gaming service dead as of April 30

    OnLive, the ahead-of-its-time cloud-based video game service, is calling it quits on April 30. Sony is picking up the scraps, in the form of patents and other assets.

  • OpenStack company Nebula shutters

    One of the first casualties of the OpenStack world is Nebula, a company founded by a of the pioneer of the open source cloud computing movement.

  • The VirtualBox 5.0 beta is finally here

    VirtualBox, the open source virtualization system originally created by Sun and now under Oracle's stewardship, has released its first revision to the left of the decimal point in nearly five years.

  • Cisco to buy SDN startup Embrane

    Cisco plans to beef up its SDN [software-defined networking] technology by acquiring Embrane, a startup with an architecture for virtualized network appliances.

  • Oracle bolsters Marketing Cloud to show CMOs the big picture

    It's a common theme that spans functional areas within the organization: data remains stuck in silos, making it all but impossible for decision-makers to get a glimpse at the big picture. Zeroing in on marketers' experience of this problem, Oracle on Wednesday rolled out several enhancements to its Marketing Cloud designed to help companies develop a more holistic view of their customers.

  • AWS targets interrupted sessions with virtual desktops upgrade

    Amazon Web Services has made its WorkSpaces virtual desktops less annoying to use with a feature that resumes the previous session after it detects an interruption.

  • Google gives Apps admins more control over their files and docs

    Google is giving systems admins more control over Apps documents in an attempt to alleviate concerns about securing company data after moving email and productivity software to the cloud.

  • Cloudyn helps companies keep track of Microsoft Azure deployments

    Israeli cloud monitoring company Cloudyn has added support for Azure, helping companies stay on top of their Microsoft deployments.