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  • Microsoft plays up Hyper-V versus VMware

    Microsoft is the new competitor in the virtualization market, but executives outlined some of the reasons they think the company can dominate it during a Microsoft virtualization event in Bellevue, Washington, on Monday.

  • Microsoft says Live Migration slated for 2010

    Microsoft this week said the Live Migration feature for its hypervisor technology is slated for delivery with the next version of Windows Server, which is likely to be delivered in 2010.

  • Microsoft says Virtual Machine Manager due by year-end

    Microsoft this week said development of its virtualization management tool would be complete in 30 days and reiterated that it would ship sometime during the last three months of this year as promised.

  • Microsoft offers free Hyper-V stand-alone version

    Microsoft Monday pulled the US$28 price tag from its stand-alone version of Hyper-V Server 2008 and said the software would be made available for free in the next 30 days.

  • Sun updates xVM virtualization software

    Sun has released a new version of xVM VirtualBox, its platform for desktop virtualization, and is also starting to offer enterprise support for the platform, the company said on Thursday.

  • Virtualization causes disaster recovery rethink

    There has been a "significant increase" in the number of organizations rethinking their disaster recovery (DR) plans because of virtualization, according to Symantec, in its fourth annual IT Disaster Recovery survey.

  • VMware's ESX certified for Microsoft support, deployment

    VMware, whose virtualization software helps IT departments maximize use of their server hardware, said Wednesday that its product will run reliably with software from Microsoft.

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    CIOs lack the "green" to go green, survey says

    CIOs and senior IT executives lack the "green" to go green even though they overwhelmingly believe that a more energy efficient data center will become mission-critical, according to a recent survey.

  • Microsoft liberalizes virtualization options

    As Microsoft officially released its Application Virtualization 4.5 software this week, it also announced several licensing changes around virtual desktops and application virtualization, while omitting a long-anticipated one.

  • HP launches product blitz for virtualization

    Hewlett-Packard has announced a broad sweep of new virtualization products along with survey results claiming that most businesses aren't making the most of what the technology has to offer.

  • VMware's research head defects to Oracle

    VMware's executive vice president of research and development has quit the company and taken a job at Oracle, VMware said Tuesday.

  • Microsoft virtualization tools reinforce data center plans

    Hosting provider RackForce Networks expects that Microsoft's just released Hyper-V virtualization technology will give it a chance to take a major step in its business strategy.

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    Citrix puts virtualization spin on flagship software

    Citrix Monday unveiled the newest version of its flagship product, which underwent a recent name change as Citrix tries to align its traditional application delivery tools with its new desktop and server virtualization technology.

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    Penrith council plugs server sprawl, beefs-up DR

    Penrith City Council has slashed infrastructure and power costs and increased disaster recovery and availability in the data centre with virtualisation and server consolidation.

  • Microsoft lifts licensing restriction on virtual mobility

    Microsoft Tuesday confirmed that it will eliminate a licensing restriction that prevented customers from moving virtualized applications to a different server more than once every 90 days.

  • VMware to get hypervisor certified by Microsoft

    Virtualization competitors VMware and Microsoft have found common ground in a deal that will let customers receive technical support for Microsoft applications running on servers virtualized with VMware's hypervisor.

  • VMware CEO apologizes for virtual-server bug

    VMware's new CEO Paul Maritz has apologized to customers in a company blog posting after a major bug prevented VMware users from logging on to virtual servers this week.

  • MS to unveil new licensing policies for virtual machines

    Virtualization industry observers expect Microsoft to eliminate a licensing restriction that has hampered the mobility of virtual servers, perhaps as soon as next week.

  • VMware CEO apologizes for 'time bomb' mess

    Just minutes after VMware issued a patch late Tuesday that allowed enterprises to start up crippled virtual servers, the company's CEO said he was sorry for the snafu.

  • VMware bug bombs virtual servers

    Many VMware customers Tuesday were prevented from logging onto their virtual servers as a bug distributed in a software update effectively stopped the boxes from powering up.

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