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  • Citrix upgrades XenDesktop, Branch Repeater

    Citrix is introducing new technology to improve the delivery of voice, video and 3D graphics to virtual desktops and to make decisions about traffic prioritization in order to boost end-user experience.

  • Is virtualization adoption recession-proof?

    Despite declining IT operating budgets, virtualization adoption will dramatically accelerate and continue to top the priority list CIOs in 2009, says VMware's Canadian country manager Grant Aitken. But despite the virtualization giant's rosy forecast, industry observers remain much more cautious.

  • Citrix improves XenDesktop administration, user experience

    Citrix is adding features to cut the cost of desktop virtualization and improve the user experience in the new version of its XenDesktop platform, it said on Wednesday.

  • VMware touts open source desktop virtualization

    VMware this week announced VMware View Open Client and claimed that it advances its vClient Initiative toward universal clients.

  • Sun to take to the cloud

    Sun Microsystems plans to detail on March 18 its grand entrance into the cloud computing space, Sun officials said Tuesday morning.

  • NFL's Super Bowl IT team gets ready for game day

    The National Football League is fielding three teams for Sunday's Super Bowl. The first two are well known: the Pittsburgh Steelers and Arizona Cardinals. The third, more anonymous one is the 17-member IT staff that the NFL has assigned to work in Tampa, Fla., the site of this year's game.

  • Thin clients now as flexible as PCs, claims Igel

    Igel Technology has introduced a family of thin clients, called Universal Desktop, which it claims is the first to have single standard system images across the range.

  • Start-up VMops aims to ease cloud deployments

    Building a cloud computing infrastructure can be a complicated endeavor, but stealth start-up VMops hopes to provide a silver lining with its all-in-one infrastructure software that lets service providers or corporations deploy and host their own clouds.

  • Cloud computing shapes up as big trend for 2009

    It is still early in the year, but cloud computing already is shaping up as a key trend for 2009.

  • Startup introduces cloud marketplace

    Deutsche Telekom spin-off Zimory has unveiled Public Cloud, a marketplace for companies that want to buy and sell hosted server capacity online.

  • VMware reports strong Q4, but less rosy outlook

    Virtualization vendor VMware reported solid results for its fourth quarter, a sign that businesses were prepared to keep spending on technologies that can give them a fairly quick return on investment.

  • Slow Vista sales hit MS revenues as netbooks gain ground

    Sales of Windows desktop software dropped 8 percent last quarter compared to a year ago, while Microsoft's server division revenues were up 15 percent, illustrating the rejection of Windows Vista and the acceptance of Windows Server 2008, an analyst said Thursday morning.

  • KVM, Xen battle for hacker interest: Horms

    If the Linux virtualisation space wasn't heated enough, the open source hypervisors Kernel Virtual Machine (KVM) and Xen are now duking it out for independent developer interest, according to Xen hacker Simon "Horms" Horman.

  • Citrix plans 'bare metal' desktop hypervisor

    Citrix Systems is working with Intel to develop a "bare metal" hypervisor for client PCs, which proponents say could broaden the use of desktop virtualization by overcoming some of the technology's shortcomings today.

  • NetApp CEO: Virtualization driving sluggish storage market

    Storage companies are feeling the pain of companies cutting IT costs and overall spending, but the move to server virtualization is driving some demand, according to NetApp CEO Dan Warmenhoven.

  • Doing more with less: the state of today's data center

    Nearly every initiative data center managers pursue today has a common goal: getting more work done with fewer resources, according to Symantec's second annual "State of the Data Center" report.

  • Microsoft beta lets old Windows apps run on Vista

    Microsoft has released the first public beta of a tool that solves one of the chief complaints businesses have with Windows Vista: that older Windows applications aren't compatible with the new OS.

  • Engine Yard powers SOA for the cloud

    Engine Yard, which has specialized in Ruby on Rails application-hosting, is introducing a platform to extend SOA to the cloud. The company also is extending its Rails stack to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud platform, for quicker deployment of Engine Yard customer applications.

  • EMC takes the gloves off with VMware

    Five years after purchasing VMware, EMC is becoming more aggressive in selling its own products and services alongside those of its virtualization subsidiary.

  • Startup to virtualize memory and share it across servers

    A virtualization start-up in stealth mode says it will offer technology that aggregates memory and shares it across servers, improving performance of online transaction processing and clustered or grid computing.

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