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  • Indian firm sets up shop in Fargo, N.D.

    Mahindra Satyam, like many other India-based offshore firms in recent years, is expanding its presence in the U.S.

  • Yahoo confirms theft of 450,000 unencrypted passwords

    Yahoo has confirmed that 450,000 unencrypted usernames and passwords were stolen Wednesday from one of its services, although it downplayed the threat.

  • Survey finds ERP software project overruns 'distressingly common'

    It is "distressingly common" to see ERP (enterprise-resource-planning) projects involving Oracle, SAP and Microsoft Dynamics software end up taking longer than customers anticipated, according to a new survey.

  • Update: Yahoo's massive data breach includes Gmail, Hotmail, Comcast user names and passwords

    Yahoo today confirmed a breach of its network, saying that not only Yahoo user names and passwords were stolen yesterday but also "other company users names and passwords." Yahoo said the data stolen is related to "an older file from Yahoo! Contributor Network (previously Associated Content)," the Web farm and multimedia content company it acquired two years ago for $100 million.

  • Privacy groups question NTIA's focus on mobile privacy transparency

    The U.S. National Telecommunications and Information Administration's first step toward developing a consensus on mobile privacy standards may be the wrong step, privacy advocates said.

  • Artema Hybrid point-of-sale devices can be hacked remotely, researchers say

    Artema Hybrid, a point-of-sale (PoS) terminal manufactured by U.S.-based VeriFone Systems, is vulnerable to attacks that could allow cybercriminals to steal payment card data and PIN numbers or alter transactions, according to security researchers from German security research firm Security Research Labs (SRLabs).

  • Analysts: New backup-restore feature in Windows 8 welcome, but could be better

    A new file backup feature in Windows 8 that Microsoft trumpeted this week will help users protect their data but it is incomplete and far from unique, according to analysts.

  • Telerik expands HTML5 development tools with iPad widgets

    Telerik has released some iPad-specific widgets for its development toolkit for mobile Web apps. The move expands the focus of the Kendo product line from PCs and smartphones to tablets.

  • BoxTone exploits Active Directory to automate mobile management

    BoxTone has announced the latest version of its mobility management software, tied more closely to Microsoft Active Directory roles and policies. The result is that BoxTone 7 automates hundreds of IT tasks for fast-growing mobile deployments.

  • Feds: We need priority access to cloud resources

    Federal agencies must be assured priority and uninterrupted access to public cloud resources before fully embracing the technology for national security and emergency response IT functions, a recent report finds.

  • Yahoo Inc. investigating possible massive security breach

    Yahoo Inc. says it's investigating what could be a massive data breach of more than 453,000 Yahoo user login credentials after claims by a hacker group calling itself D33D Company that they had broken into a Yahoo server, stolen them and dumped them.

  • Hackers publish over 450,000 emails and passwords allegedly stolen from Yahoo

    A group of hackers on Thursday published a list of over 453,000 log-in credentials on the Internet that were allegedly stolen from a database associated with an unnamed Yahoo service.

  • IT groups eschew BYOD, issue company-owned tablets

    After several years of struggling to accommodate personally-owned smartphones, many corporate IT groups are taking the opposite tack with tablets: they're issuing corporate-owned iPads and Android tablets. And partly as a result, at least some are seeing a jump in costs for mobile end user support, redesigned custom applications, and device administration.

  • Tablets, smartphones still hammering PC market

    Tablets and smartphones -- and users' infatuation with them -- continue to pummel the PC market.

  • Tablets, smartphones dent PC shipments in second quarter

    Tablets and smartphones continued to eat away at worldwide PC shipments, which remained flat during the second quarter, according to research released by Gartner.

  • CA expedites required DB2 10 upgrades for z/OS

    Just in time for what will be a large number of required migrations, CA Technologies has updated its software for managing DB2 databases running on IBM z/OS mainframes.

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    Linux vulnerability found in Web exploit

    A hacked Colombian Transport website has been rigged to deliver a malware payload that is able to target Mac OS, Windows and even Linux systems, according to a report from F-Secure.

  • In face of Flame malware, Microsoft will revamp Windows encryption keys

    Starting next month, updated Windows operating systems will reject encryption keys smaller than 1024 bits, which could cause problems for customer applications accessing Web sites and email platforms that use the keys.

  • The 7 most common challenges to cloud computing

    It's no secret that agencies core to the U.S. government has as a central plan - known as Cloud First -- to move most operations toward a cloud computing service. In the process of course is a never-ending evaluation by other agencies to talk about how those cloud implementations are doing.

  • Higgs boson researchers consider move to Cloud computing

    How did European researchers working on the Higgs boson recently make one of the most revolutionary physics discoveries in recent decades? From an IT perspective, they relied on a good old-fashioned grid computing infrastructure, though a new Cloud-based one may be in the offing.