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  • Wozniak: Cloud could create 'horrendous' problems

    Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak says he's worried about the continued adoption of Cloud computing, which he contends does not give users enough control of their data.

  • Exclusive: eBay puts OpenStack to work

    eBay goes public about its first implementation of OpenStack along with Nicira network virtualization, hinting at broader adoption to come

  • Microsoft blames last week's Azure outage on a configuration error

    A system configuration mistake caused the outage that affected Windows Azure customers in western Europe last week, according to Microsoft.

  • Lock-in, migration costs can put a damper on cloud projects, says ISACA

    Cloud services promise low cost-of-entry and rapid return on investment, but those advantages make it easy to overlook associated investments. To find out the true return on investment (ROI) of cloud computing enterprises have to dig deeper, according to a white paper from industry organization Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA).

  • Case Study: Medical tech provider virtualises ERP distribution

    Medical technology company Stryker has seen high performance and minimal downtime since selecting a virtualised product from Citrix to speed distribution of updates for its JD Edwards (JDE) ERP platform, according to Stryker associate director of Global IT infrastructure, Adam Levin.

  • Yammer lets organizations measure emotions in enterprise social networks

    Yammer is adding functionality to its cloud-based enterprise social networking (ESN) software that lets organizations gauge the types of emotions expressed in employee posts.

  • Oracle's Cloud hype set for major escalation

    Oracle's emphasis on Cloud computing isn't going to wane anytime soon. To the contrary, on Thursday the vendor held the first in nearly 100 Cloud Builder Summit events scheduled for locations across the globe between now and December.

  • SalesForce's Benioff joins Cisco board

    Cisco has added venerable and outspoken cloud computing executive Marc Benioff, founder and chairman of, to its board of directors, the company announced today.

  • CEO Benioff joins Cisco's board CEO Marc Benioff has been named to Cisco's board of directors, Cisco announced Thursday.

  • Google Cloud vs. Amazon Cloud: How they stack up

    Google's new IaaS cloud boasts strong compute performance but lacks the breadth of features in Amazon Web Services' 4-year-old Elastic Compute Cloud, according to one industry analyst's side-by-side comparison of the services.

  • Startup helps companies, developers go global with app, website translation

    Startup Smartling is hoping to court mobile application developers and global companies vexed by the challenge of translating their products, advertisements and websites into multiple languages, with a new cloud-based software platform announced Wednesday.

  • Rackspace debuts OpenStack cloud servers

    Following a four-month beta period, Rackspace has started offering its hosted servers and databases using the open source OpenStack suite of cloud software.

  • Rackspace, HP go all in with OpenStack

    Rackspace and HP have each brought major portions of their cloud offerings based on the OpenStack code out of beta and into general availability today.

  • SAP pointing HANA in-memory database at social sentiment analysis

    SAP is coupling its HANA in-memory database with software for measuring market trends and customers' moods through the analysis of unstructured social media data, the vendor announced Wednesday.

  • hit yet again by performance issues was hit by another in a string of performance problems on Wednesday, with the issues this time centered on its email services.

  • Dropbox blames employee account breach for spam attack

    Dropbox said Tuesday one of its employee's accounts was compromised, leading to a raft of spam last month that irritated users of the cloud-storage service.

  • Brisbane Airport Corporation goes virtual with Cisco, EMC and VMware

    Brisbane Airport Corporation (BAC), operator and developer of Brisbane Airport, chose virtualisation technology by Cisco, EMC and VMware to improve operational efficiency and reduce its carbon footprint, the airport’s technology manger, Stephen Tukavkin, said at a lunch in Sydney.

  • DeepField Networks exits stealth mode to reveal cloud genome mapping

    DeepField Networks, an Ann Arbor, Mich., startup, is coming out of stealth mode Tuesday to announce an analytics tool that maps the traffic patterns, application performance and cost structure of networks for cloud computing companies, content providers and carriers.

  • Oracle, Xsigo set network virtualization consolidation in motion

    With Oracle's acquisition of Xsigo this week, it's now clear we have consolidation occurring in the server and network virtualization markets.

  • Oracle CRM on Demand update focuses on industries

    Oracle is hoping to differentiate its cloud CRM (customer relationship management) software from that sold by rivals such as with a new set of industry-specific capabilities.