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  • Microsoft to buy maker of large, touch displays

    Microsoft has entered into an agreement to buy Perceptive Pixel (PPI) a vendor of large-scale, multitouch displays, an acquisition Microsoft expects will boost its enterprise collaboration and communication offerings.

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    Windows 8-powered PCs, tablets to launch in late October

    Microsoft today said it will officially launch Windows 8 in late October when it starts selling upgrades and its hardware partners begin selling PCs, tablets and hybrid devices powered by the new operating system.

  • Windows 8 goes to manufacturers in August, will ship in October

    Windows 8, the next major upgrade of Microsoft's operating system for PCs, tablets and laptops, will be released to manufacturers in August and will ship commercially in October, the company announced on Monday.

  • French company fined €10,000 for failing to share GPS tracking data with employee

    A French company must pay a €10,000 (US$12,281) fine for failing to provide an employee with GPS data tracking the movements of his company vehicle, the French National Commission on Computing and Liberty (CNIL) announced Monday.

  • Gartner: IT spending stable, growth in Cloud services

    Global spending on IT products and services will rise 3 percent in 2012 to US$3.6 trillion, according to figures released by research firm Gartner. The forecast is up from the 2.5 percent growth projection Gartner issued earlier this year.

  • Microsoft tries to sweeten Office 365 deal for partners

    Microsoft is modifying its Office 365 sales agreement with partners to motivate them to push the product more aggressively, the company announced on Monday.

  • Microsoft may release Office 2013 public preview today

    Microsoft may announce the first public preview of Office 2013, the likely name for its next productivity suite, at its annual gathering with partners later today.

  • Severe weather intensifies focus on disaster planning

    Severe thunderstorms, wildfires and droughts should put companies on alert to look into their business continuity plannings. Disaster recovery plans that include only backing up data regionally may need to be rethought, experts say.

  • At Imagine Cup finals, next generation of entrepreneurs shine

    On Saturday, Pedro Querido of Portugal waved his arms back and forth, taming a shopping cart with a green basket that seemingly had a mind of its own.

  • Opinion: Why small tablets will dominate the tablet market

    Big tablets like the iPad will always be popular, especially among high-end buyers. But the future belongs to smaller, cheaper tablets like the Google Nexus 7 and the upcoming mini iPad, says columnist Mike Elgan.

  • Microsoft restores Xbox Live service

    Microsoft on Friday said it has fully restored its Xbox Live service after problems prevented an undetermined number of users from logging into the online gaming service.

  • Heading into the cloud: Managing network performance across a unified fabric

    The adoption of virtualization and cloud-based services is accelerating, but a byproduct enterprises may not have considered is that it has never been more challenging to gain accurate and timely application performance visibility in a uniform way.

  • Report: Kindle Fire 2 set for launch by August 7

    Amazon's response to the release of the Google Nexus 7 tablet could come within a month, as a report from the China Times says the manufacturer Quanta is already working on a first batch of Kindle Fire 2 devices.

  • Facebook touts Open Graph versatility

    In an effort to encourage broader use of its Open Graph protocol, Facebook has posted a number of examples of how the company used the Web standard to build its own internal apps.

  • Cisco apologizes for privacy 'confusion,' makes cloud service an opt-in feature

    Cisco Systems has taken a step back from its Cisco Connect Cloud service, removing it as the default setting for management of its Linksys EA Series Wi-Fi routers after a firestorm of complaints from customers about automatic firmware updates and the service's terms of service.

  • Yahoo Mail bugs may be behind Android 'botnet' spam, says researcher

    Accusations that an Android-based botnet is spewing spam may, in fact, be no such thing, but instead a sign that criminals are exploiting bugs in the Yahoo Mail app for Google's mobile operating system, a security firm said today.

  • Microsoft working to fix Xbox Live access issues

    An undetermined number of users of Microsoft's Xbox Live gaming service are having difficulties accessing the online gaming service, and the company said on Friday that it is working to resolve the issue.

  • Google, Apple remove malware application from official app stores

    Google and Apple removed a mobile app named "Find and Call" from their respective app stores on Thursday following reports that it was stealing people's phone book data and using the information to spam their contacts.

  • eHarmony data breach lessons: Cracking hashed passwords can be too easy

    Last month the dating site eHarmony suffered a data breach in which more than 1.5 million eHarmony password hashes were stolen and later dumped online by the hacker gang called Doomsday Preppers. The crypto-based "hashing" process is supposed to conceal stored passwords, but Trustwave's SpiderLabs division says eHarmony could have done this process a lot better because it only took 72 hours to crack about 80% of 1.5 million eHarmony hashed passwords that were dumped.

  • KPN closes portal after two-thirds of corporate customers found using default password

    KPN closed a self-service portal for corporate ADSL customers on Tuesday after it discovered that 120,000 of its 180,000 business clients were still using default passwords, all variants of "welkom01," a company spokesman said Friday.