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  • Google chases Amazon, both drop Cloud prices

    It's become a common scene in the Cloud industry nowadays: Every few weeks or months a Cloud vendor announces a price reduction on its services, and then within a couple of days at least one other competitor announces a price reduction as well. Today, it took just hours.

    11 June 13 21:01 Written by Brandon Butler
  • VMware: We're building one of the biggest SDN deployments in the industry

    VMware hopes to make the networking components of its soon-to-be-released vCloud Hybrid Service one of its biggest selling points, and in doing so the company plans to build one the largest software-defined networking (SDN) deployments in the industry.

    11 June 13 20:07 Written by Brandon Butler
  • HP aims to shrink Big Data

    Hewlett-Packard wants to help organizations get rid of their useless data, all the information that is no longer needed yet still takes up expensive space on storage servers.

    11 June 13 19:55 Written by Joab Jackson
  • Expert: Oracle's Fusion Applications still maturing, but offer real value

    Oracle still has some kinks to work out in its next-generation Fusion Applications and implementing them on-premises remains a daunting task, but customers on older product lines have good things to look forward to if and when they upgrade, according to one veteran of many early Fusion projects.

    10 June 13 20:43 Written by Chris Kanaracus
  • Red Hat's OpenShift PaaS goes live

    After two years of beta testing, the Red Hat OpenShift Online platform as a service (PaaS) has been pressed into commercial use, charging customers and offering professional commercial support.

    10 June 13 20:02 Written by Joab Jackson
  • FAQ: 5 things known and alleged about NSA surveillance

    Recent news reports alleging broad surveillance efforts by the U.S. National Security Agency seem to have left more questions than answers. Whistleblower Edward Snowden has accused the NSA of collecting massive amounts of data from U.S. residents, but U.S. officials have largely denied his allegations.

    10 June 13 19:57 Written by Grant Gross
  • Google Apps deal disallowed by Swedish data regulator

    The Swedish Data Inspection Board has for a second time disallowed an agreement that a local municipality wants to sign with Google regarding the use of its hosted Apps package.

    10 June 13 13:13 Written by Mikael Ricknäs
  • Will iOS 7 and iCloud changes meet post-PC needs for enterprise users?

    One place where the post-PC era is in full swing is the enterprise. And enterprise IT groups will be watching when Apple unveils iOS 7 at its Worldwide Developers Conference on Monday, June 10, to see if the new version improves its fit for business users.

    07 June 13 20:54 Written by John Cox
  • IBM complaint might have just cost Amazon $600M CIA cloud deal

    Amazon Web Services may have just lost out on a $600 million contract to supply cloud computing services to the Central Intelligence Agency, after the federal government upheld a protest that IBM had made related to the awarding of the contract.

    06 June 13 22:11 Written by Brandon Butler
  • SugarSync rolls out remote wipe for PCs and Macs

    With the new Remote Wipe feature, both business and individual users can remove all of their synced files from a PC or Mac in the event of a loss or theft.

    06 June 13 19:20 Written by Lucas Mearian
  • Cloud computing is about to get personal

    While businesses have been deploying cloud technology for some time, it's only recently that personal cloud services have emerged. The advent of the personal cloud means content, applications and computing power can move off the device. So, will we still need sophisticated tablets, PCs and smartphones if the power resides elsewhere?

    06 June 13 16:31 Written by Patrick Lo, chairman and chief executive officer, NETGEAR

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