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  • SDN promises revolutionary benefits, but watch out for the traffic visibility challenge

    Ever since VMware bought Nicira last July the term software-defined networking (SDN) has taken off, with players like Cisco, Juniper, VMware and even HP and IBM jumping on the bandwagon.

  • 5 ways to optimize cloud usage

    Designing and optimizing an IT environment that responds to demand in real time is one of the biggest challenges facing cloud users given the spikes and troughs in typical requirements. At AWS re:Invent in Las Vegas we met with users from a range of companies and listened to their concerns about usage and identified five main takeaways.

  • Netflix open sources Janitor Monkey to help tidy up unused Amazon cloud resources

    Online video streaming company -- and heavy Amazon cloud user -- Netflix has open sourced Janitor Monkey, a tool that finds unused cloud resources and deletes them, leading to potentially valuable cost savings for customers.

  • How long will big-name customers like Netflix put up with Amazon cloud outages?

    On Christmas Eve as Netflix customers cuddled up to watch their favorite holiday movies and TV shows with friends and family, many experienced a problem. Netflix was down.

  • Gartner: Cloud computing, mobile ushering in "major shift" for enterprise security practices

    Gartner has said what it expects to be the top security trends for 2013, citing the rise of cloud computing, social media and employees bringing their own devices to work as among the forces likely to produce radical changes in how enterprises manage IT security. The market research firm also says the "major shift" expected in IT security in 2013 will shake up established IT security vendors as newer players in cloud and mobile challenge them.

  • Dell may wait until end of year to join public cloud market

    Dell may wait until the end of this year to launch its anticipated public cloud, a vice president with the company told Network World sister site ITWorld, a move that puts the company behind other big-name vendors that are already executing on their cloud strategies.

  • Gartner: Top 10 cloud storage providers

    According to a Gartner survey, about 19% of organizations are using the cloud for production computing, while 20% are using public cloud storage services.

  • Gartner: Cloud storage viable option, but proceed carefully

    Storing information in the public cloud from a growing market of vendors is a viable alternative to on-premise, traditional storage options for some use cases, research firm Gartner says.

  • Cloud security to be most disruptive technology of 2012

    The Security for Business Innovation Council, comprised of IT security professionals from 19 companies worldwide, called Cloud computing the main disruptive force for 2013. In its report, "Information Security Shake-Up," the group said it was evident many organizations are preparing to move more business processes to the cloud. This year, it will even be "mission-critical apps and regulated data" consigned to the cloud.

  • Technologies to watch 2013: OpenStack cloud backers hope 2013 is the year of user adoption

    In the cloud computing market, there are a handful of major vendors. Most agree Amazon Web Services is a market leader on the infrastructure as a service (IaaS) side, but Microsoft, Google and younger companies like Joyent are looking to dethrone AWS. And then there's OpenStack, which is for almost everyone else.

  • Technologies to watch 2013: Cisco products, more maturity for SDNs in 2013

    There was a lot of news and hype swirling around Software-Defined Networking in 2012, so what's on tap for 2013?

  • Technologies to watch 2013: The cloud will make BYOD a non-issue - eventually

    Coolness, according to technology experts, is at the heart of one of the biggest problems facing business IT today - the rapid influx of consumer mobile devices into the enterprise.

  • Best IT resolutions for 2013

    It's that time of year when IT executives' thoughts turn to setting resolutions for the new year. We've talked to CIOs, IT analysts and other industry experts about the major trends for 2013 to come up with our own list of suggested IT resolutions.

  • Growing confidence in cloud security

    Cloud computing is blowing into 2013 on the winds of confidence, with IT professionals increasingly convinced that the security controls are adequate, but still very, very leery.

  • 2013 IT outlook: Innovation trumps cost-cutting

    The economic recovery is moving at an unsteady pace, but the emphasis on cost-cutting that dominated IT agendas in recent years is sharing the spotlight with a more interesting imperative: innovation.

  • Technologies to watch 2013: Windows Server 2012 cannot be ignored

    Windows Server 2012 packs so many new features large and small that any Microsoft shop looking to gain advantages in cost and functionality will have to seriously consider upgrading this year.

  • The year in tech: It's all about the cloud and SDNs

    2012 has been a year of re-invention among the tech industry’s biggest players, with Microsoft overhauling many of its key product lines, most notably Windows, while also boldly entering the hardware market with Surface tablets. HP slashed its workforce as CEO Meg Whitman reshaped an industry icon that has gone through many shifts in recent years. The transformation to the cloud continued practically unabated (save for those pesky outages!) and suddenly every company seemed to be a software defined something or other, or was snapping up an SDN company.

  • It's not all about the cloud: Why hybrid ITSM is here to stay

    "Cloud-based" might be the most overused marketing term of 2012. Vendors of all stripes seem to believe an edict has been handed down to enterprise IT management who now want all cloud all the time.

  • Upcoming release focuses on Chatter, analytics, Touch's next product update will feature scores of new capabilities for its core CRM (customer relationship management) application as well as the Chatter messaging and collaboration service.

  • Missing from NRA plan: Smart gun technology

    The NRA today responded to the school shootings in Newtown, Conn. by saying America should place armed guards at all schools. Missing from the group's strategy was any mention of smart gun technology.