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  • VMware launches network-savvy cloud service

    VMware has launched its long-anticipated public infrastructure as a service (IaaS), touting its virtual networking capabilities as a differentiator from other established hybrid cloud offerings.

    21 May 13 19:16 Written by Joab Jackson
  • Lessons learned in my virtual desktop integration (VDI) deployment

    As the IT infrastructure manager at Digital Intelligence Systems LLC (DISYS), an IT solutions company, I recently initiated the build-out of a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) to support our large mobile workforce, and learned some important lessons along the way that may help smooth the way for your VDI rollout.

    20 May 13 22:19 Written by Collin Hachwi, IT manager of DISYS LLC, a global IT staffing and consulting firm
  • Senate report: Apple claims subsidiaries with no taxing jurisdiction

    Apple has set up three foreign subsidiaries that the company claims are not resident in any nation for taxing purposes, in an effort to avoid paying tens of billions of dollars in taxes to the U.S. and other countries, according to a new report from a U.S. Senate subcommittee.

    20 May 13 21:35 Written by Grant Gross
  • Successful companies embrace shadow IT

    Businesses move quickly, and those that make missteps along the way or fail to adapt to the times rarely go unscathed. Consider the fate of the original 12 companies listed in the Dow. While General Electric is still an independent company, most of the others have been acquired by larger companies or have vanished altogether.

    20 May 13 20:33 Written by Quinton Wall, director, technical platform marketing,
  • The benefits of cloud-based BPM

    In 2011 Gartner's Jim Sinur predicted that business process management and the cloud would be the "real thunder." He stated that moving operations to the cloud would free up money and efforts for businesses, and those organizations would be remiss to ignore BPM.

    20 May 13 20:33 Written by Art Landro, CEO, Cordys
  • How VMware will try to shake up the Cloud market this week

    There have been rumors and speculation. There have been whispers and rumblings. But this week VMware is expected to release details about its plans to launch a public Ccloud offering, the central part of its new hybrid Cloud strategy.

    20 May 13 16:17 Written by Brandon Butler
  • Yahoo on Tumblr: We won't 'screw it up'

    Yahoo has confirmed widespread reports that it will acquire the popular blogging service Tumblr, and also promised not to "screw it up." The deal is worth about US$1.1 billion, nearly all in cash.

    20 May 13 12:51 Written by Chris Kanaracus
  • No big-bang Apps news at I/O, but some announcements merit attention

    Apps, Google's flagship product for enterprise IT, had a minor presence at this week's I/O developer conference, but some announcements at the show and in prior weeks deserve attention from customers of the cloud email and collaboration suite.

    17 May 13 23:57 Written by Juan Carlos Perez
  • Newvem expands to monitor Azure and Amazon clouds

    Newvem, which sells a tool that allows users to track and optimize their use of cloud computing resources, has expanded its software's functionality to monitor not just Amazon Web Services, but now Microsoft Azure now as well.

    17 May 13 16:29 Written by Brandon Butler
  • Former Amazon cloud engineer spills to Reddit audience

    Usually Amazon Web Services, which many consider to be the leader in the infrastructure as a service (IaaS) cloud computing market, is pretty hush-hush about the internal workings of its massive cloud.

    17 May 13 14:32 Written by Brandon Butler
  • Santos migrates to Windows 7 before XP support ends

    The ending of Windows XP support in April 2014 combined with slow log in times led Australian oil and gas producer Santos (ASX: STO) to start its Windows 7 migration.

    17 May 13 11:57 Written by Hamish Barwick
  • SAP builds out HANA platform and ecosystem

    Anyone remotely within the orbit of SAP lately knows that its number-one focus is the HANA in-memory database and development platform. At this week's Sapphire conference in Orlando, the vendor sought to show the progress it is making in both building out HANA's capabilities as well as attracting developers and partners to HANA.

    16 May 13 18:35 Written by Chris Kanaracus
  • ServiceNow wants to be the cloud for IT

    Many enterprise IT shops may be reluctant to jump head first into cloud computing. After all, there are a variety of concerns that come with using the cloud, from security to integrations with existing systems, and perhaps most scary: What the cloud will mean for your IT job.

    16 May 13 18:18 Written by Brandon Butler
  • Google takes Quick Action on Gmail

    In the middle of its annual developers conference, the Google unveiled updates to its popular Gmail service.

    16 May 13 15:55 Written by Sharon Gaudin
  • Amazon gives DynamoDB a performance boost

    Amazon Web Services is improving the performance of its DynamoDB database service with Parallel Scan, which gives users faster access to their tables.

    16 May 13 10:28 Written by Mikael Ricknäs
  • SunGard brings cloud service to disaster recovery

    Can the old guard in business continuity and disaster-recovery services thrive in an era when the companies are looking at new ways to process business data? SunGard Data Systems, with decades of experience in availability services, is feeling the pinch as some business clientele move data to the cloud. But SunGard says it's pushing forward with innovations that are making it a public cloud provider as well with the kind of application availability it says will be hard to match elsewhere.

    15 May 13 21:57 Written by Ellen Messmer

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