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  • Google unveils 7-inch tablet, new Android version

    Google today announced its first tablet product, the Nexus 7, fitted with a powerful quadcore processor and specifically designed to work with the expanding Google Play, the online media and apps site.

  • Changes to PCI rules: What you need to know

    The Payment Card Industry (PCI) rules related to the security of customer card information play a big role in network design, and with some updated modifications to the PCI Data Security Standards (DSS) 2.0 guidelines kicking in at the end of the month, here's what you need to know.

  • Web attackers start borrowing domain generation tricks from botnet-type malware

    Hackers have started to adopt domain-generation techniques normally used by botnet-type malware in order to prolong the life of Web-based attacks, according to security researchers from antivirus firm Symantec.

  • Stream TV ties Apple's iPad, iPhone to glasses-free 3D TVs

    Stream TV Networks, which develops glasses-free 3D technology for TV sets, said iPad, iPhone and Apple TV users will be able to beam movie or application images to upcoming glasses-free 3D TV sets based on the company's autostereoscopic technology.

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    Does two-factor authentication need to be fixed?

    Does two-factor authentication need to be fixed? Tough criticisms heard this week from researchers about the effectiveness of two-factor authentication, especially as it's used in its token form for one-time passwords and smartcards, suggest advances need to be made to restore its luster as security protection.

  • Ask the magic 8-ball: Google's Nexus Q brings Play to the home

    Google rolled out what it's calling the world's first social streaming media player Wednesday at its I/O developer conference. The Nexus Q is available through the Google Play Store for $299 and is expected to ship sometime in mid-July.

  • Nexus 7 kills Kindle Fire, but isn't up to iPad, analysts say

    Google's $US199 Nexus 7 tablet is a device that's more than a competitor to Amazon's Kindle Fire, but is not on the same scale as the Apple iPad -- at least not yet, according to analysts.

  • Google's computerized glasses steal the show at I/O

    After teasing people with bits of images and information about the development of its computerized glasses, Google made a splash today showing off Google Glass at Google I/O.

  • Red Hat unveils hybrid Cloud, PaaS plans

    Red Hat is planning to roll out a number of product sets for building hybrid clouds over the next few months, the company said at the Red Hat Summit conference in Boston.

  • IBM freezes salaries of executives, many workers

    IBM this year won't be awarding pay raises to its executives as well as some of its workers.

  • Google launches Nexus 7 tablet, Jelly Bean and spherical Nexus Q device for home use

    As expected, Google on Wednesday announced a $199, 7-in. tablet called Nexus 7 that will run on Android 4.1, dubbed Jelly Bean.

  • Google announces Nexus Q to compete with Apple TV

    Google on Wednesday announced the Nexus Q streaming device, which will streaming movies and music from the cloud and will compete with direct Apple TV.

  • Google introduces new Nexus 7 tablet, priced at $199.99

    Google on Wednesday introduced the Nexus 7 tablet, which has a 7-inch screen and is priced at $199.99

  • Android 4.1 'Jelly Bean' takes on Apple's Siri

    New OS also boosts performance improvements, actionable notifications; Kindle Fire competitor also unveiled

  • Microsoft releases Office 365 for Education

    Microsoft will launch on Wednesday a version of its Office 365 cloud collaboration and communication suite that is specifically aimed at K-12 schools and universities.

  • IBM, lab join hands to boost US competitiveness

    IBM is joining hands with the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory to develop new technology, products and processes critical to the U.S. infrastructure in an effort to boost the global competitiveness of the country.

  • Terremark executive shakeup

    For the third time in two years, there's an executive shakeup at Terremark, the Verizon-owned cloud service provider.

  • Extreme Networks next up with SDN strategy

    Extreme Networks threw its hat into the SDN ring this week by disclosing its programmability strategy for data centers, mobile carrier networks and campuses.

  • Does Google's $199 tablet target $499 iPad or Kindle Fire?

    As Google prepares to unveil a highly-anticipated 7-in. tablet for $199 at Google I/O today, a big question lingers: Is the new Nexus 7 intended to take on the $199 Kindle Fire, or the highly popular $499 iPad?

  • Gunmen drive into Microsoft's Greece headquarters, set van on fire

    Armed men drove a stolen van loaded with gas canisters into the Microsoft Greece headquarters in Athens on Wednesday and set it on fire, causing damage to the building.