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  • Engine Yard revamps user interface

    Paving the way for more flexible use of its platform as a service (PaaS), Engine Yard has revamped its user interface and underlying infrastructure, which should provide customers with more ways to configure and run their workloads.

    26 Feb. 13 21:17 Written by Joab Jackson
  • Forrester: 70 per cent of private Clouds aren't really Clouds at all

    If an enterprise datacentre has a highly virtualised environment, a Web portal for business users to request and access virtual machines and a method for tracking how many of those resources are being used... that's not quite a private Cloud.

    26 Feb. 13 16:58 Written by Brandon Butler
  • 5 Things IT Pros Need to Know About SaaS Governance

    Software as a service is here to stay. So CIOs need the tools to manage their sprawling portfolios of SaaS applications with the same rigor they use for on-premise software.

    26 Feb. 13 16:14 Written by Chris Kanaracus
  • Start-up tracks risky security behavior in the cloud

    Start-up Skyhigh Networks today introduced a service aimed at tracking risk associated with enterprise use of about 2,000 cloud services, in order to spot any rogue cloud services or to identify high-risk exposure that cloud use might bring to the enterprise.

    26 Feb. 13 01:02 Written by Ellen Messmer
  • SAP and Ericsson join forces on M2M services

    Ericsson and SAP will jointly market and sell cloud-based, machine-to-machine (M2M) products and services to enterprises via operators around the globe.

    25 Feb. 13 14:21 Written by Mikael Ricknäs
  • Qualys streamlines vulnerability scanning of Amazon cloud instances

    Security firm Qualys has improved the integration of its QualysGuard vulnerability management service with Amazon Web Services (AWS) on Monday, allowing its customers to scan their AWS Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) and Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) instances for vulnerabilities more easily and without requiring explicit approval from Amazon.

    25 Feb. 13 13:07 Written by Lucian Constantin
  • VMware bundles apps into BYOD management suite

    Anticipating the greater use of personal consumer electronics in the workplace, VMware has bundled three of its IT management products into a single suite designed to help administrators deliver worker data, applications and desktops to myriad end-user devices.

    22 Feb. 13 22:08 Written by Joab Jackson
  • How Arista Networks got out in front of the SDN craze

    n this installment of the IDG Enterprise CEO Interview Series, Arista Networks CEO Jayshree Ullal spoke with Chief Content Officer John Gallant about the reality and hype around SDN, and why the data center requires a different network than your father's general-purpose Cisco net. She also explored how her work at Cisco shaped Arista's strategy, and shared insights on how Arista's partnerships with VMware and Cloudera are making it easier to move to cloud and embrace big data, respectively.

    22 Feb. 13 19:41 Written by John Gallant
  • Coke bottler picks SaaS over SAP

    Gas prices may be rising, federal sequestration looming, and perhaps another meteor will strike. Bad things are happening, but not so much to Software as a Service providers.

    21 Feb. 13 10:46 Written by Patrick Thibodeau
  • Cisco, EMC coalition expands data center portfolio

    VCE, the data center coalition formed by Cisco, EMC and VMware, this week expanded its product portfolio with low-end versions of its integrated infrastructure system, certification to run SAP software and new management capabilities.

    21 Feb. 13 07:07 Written by Jim Duffy
  • Juniper adds SDN to mobile networks

    Juniper Networks this week unveiled software-defined networking products for service providers, designed to enable them to more quickly scale capacity and provision services.

    21 Feb. 13 07:07 Written by Jim Duffy
  • Panzura cloud storage controller gets NIST FIPS 140-2 certification for crypto

    Panzura, which provides what's called the Panzura Global Cloud Storage System for network-attached storage, backup and disaster recovery, today said its product has earned FIPS 140-2 validation for its encryption technology from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

    21 Feb. 13 07:07 Written by Ellen Messmer

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