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  • Vodafone taps Ericsson and Cisco for full-scale network virtualisation

    Vodafone Hutchison Australia has named Ericsson as prime contractor with Cisco as the main subcontractor for a five-year project to virtualise both the core of its mobile network and the IP network supporting services and applications.

    17 Jan. 17 08:34 Written by Stuart Corner
  • Greenpeace’s naughty and nice list of the most – and least – green tech vendors

    Environmental advocacy group Greenpeace is out with its latest report card judging internet companies on use of renewable energy and while Apple, Google and Facebook continue to score the highest marks, the market’s leading IaaS public cloud vendor Amazon Web Services is called out with failing grades.

    12 Jan. 17 03:10 Written by Brandon Butler
  • AWS touts new enterprise workload magnet

    Amazon Web Services recently launched a new Managed Service product that aims to help the company’s largest customers migrate mass amounts of legacy enterprise workloads to its public cloud.

    05 Jan. 17 04:16 Written by Brandon Butler
  • See this year's top 5 underrated Microsoft announcements

    2016 was a big year for splashy Microsoft announcements. But there was some news that flew under the radar. While they may not have the splash factor of a Surface Studio or HoloLens, these changes have the potential to alter Microsoft’s course and the world for years to come.

    28 Dec. 16 04:00 Written by Blair Hanley Frank
  • How Rackspace will stay alive in cloud: Stop competing with Amazon, start partnering

    Rackspace ended months of speculation in August by announcing it had been acquired by a private equity firm. With a new corporate structure, the company has pivoted from being one of Amazon Web Service’s earliest competitors in the IaaS public cloud market to now being one of its biggest partners helping customers manage their use of the cloud.

    21 Dec. 16 05:31 Written by Brandon Butler, John Gallant
  • 10 must-watch IaaS cloud trends for 2017

    Adoption of public cloud resources is growing faster than the virtualization market did in the early 2000s, driven by a series of use cases ideally suited for on-demand, elastic infrastructure. 2017 will be a year of continued enterprise adoption, driven by 10 these trends.

    20 Dec. 16 00:36 Written by Brandon Butler
  • Microsoft's new service turns FAQs into bots

    Finding customer service help online can be a pain. Microsoft is aiming to help with that by making it easier to create intelligent bots that can answer common questions.

    14 Dec. 16 06:27 Written by Blair Hanley Frank
  • Financial regulators use AWS’s cloud to analyze 75 billion trades daily

    When FINRA – the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority – migrated to the cloud, CIO Steve Randich didn’t dip his toe in, he jumped in headfirst. At the AWS re:Invent conference Randich explained this organization’s full embrace of Amazon’s cloud.

    14 Dec. 16 06:15 Written by Brandon Butler
  • Why Azure’s cloud chief believes Microsoft is in prime position

    Most analysts say Amazon Web Services is the top IaaS public cloud. Most also agree that Microsoft Azure is right behind. Network World sat down with the head of Azure to discuss how the company is competing in this fast-growing market.

    12 Dec. 16 21:34 Written by Brandon Butler
  • Qualcomm's new chip may be too late as ARM server market fades

    After more than half a decade in the making, ARM server chips should have struck gold by now, but they haven't. ARM servers were projected to be approaching a double digit server market share, but they still are virtually non-existent.

    08 Dec. 16 08:50 Written by Agam Shah

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