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  • Amazon Connect brings contact centers to the cloud

    Although cloud-based contact center software is still an emerging market, Amazon today introduced Connect, its take on this industry, hosted in the AWS cloud. The move represents AWS’s continued march into the enterprise communications market.

    29 March 17 06:08 Written by Brandon Butler
  • Illawarra cancer network investigates HoloLens’ potential

    Microsoft’s mixed-reality HoloLens headset will be used for nurse training by the Illawarra Shoalhaven Cancer and Haematology Network (ISCaHN) if a proposal currently under consideration goes ahead.

    21 March 17 08:40 Written by Rohan Pearce
  • How IBM wants to bring blockchain from Bitcoin to your data center

    At its InterConnect conference in Las Vegas this week, IBM is announcing new features for its blockchain service in an attempt to bring this distributed database technology from its initial use of powering Bitcoin to a broader market, including the financial services industry.

    21 March 17 03:16 Written by Brandon Butler
  • Oracle promises IaaS growth as cloud business rises

    Oracle’s third quarter financial results continue to show that the company’s future is in the cloud. On Wednesday, the company reported massive growth in its software- and platform-as-a-service businesses, promising further gains as its customers do away with their data centers.

    17 March 17 07:26 Written by Blair Hanley Frank
  • AWS offers Alexa developers free cloud credits

    Developers interested in extending the capabilities of Amazon’s Alexa virtual assistant have some more free tools in their arsenal, thanks to a program the company announced Wednesday.

    16 March 17 03:34 Written by Blair Hanley Frank
  • AWS follows Google with Reserved Instance flexibility changes

    Customers who have Reserved Instance contracts with Amazon Web Services will be able to subdivide some of their Linux and Unix virtual machine instances while maintaining their capacity discounts, thanks to pricing changes announced Monday.

    15 March 17 07:50 Written by Blair Hanley Frank
  • Here’s why Google Cloud support is now priced per person

    One of the key messages out of Google Cloud Next last week: The company has gotten serious about serving enterprise customers in a way that meets their needs. A key component of that is a new set of support plans for customers of its cloud platform.

    14 March 17 04:38 Written by Blair Hanley Frank
  • Google offers new 'Always Free' cloud tier to attract users

    Google is letting its customers get a taste of its cloud for free, without a time limited trial. The company quietly launched a new “Always Free” tier on Thursday that lets people use small amounts of its public cloud services without charge, beyond the company’s limited-time trial.

    11 March 17 02:45 Written by Blair Hanley Frank
  • Google Cloud exec talks courting enterprises, competing with Amazon and Microsoft

    Google is seen as a runner-up to Amazon and Microsoft in the IaaS public cloud computing market and one thing analysts say the company needs to do is better attract enterprise clients. Last year Google hired a new VP of Customers to head up that effort. We asked Tariq Shaukat how he plans to court enterprises to Google’s cloud.

    09 March 17 06:50 Written by Brandon Butler
  • Google touts its enterprise chops in cloud keynote

    Enterprises: Google wants you. That’s the message coming out of the first keynote address at the company’s Google Cloud Next conference in San Francisco on Wednesday. The tech titan’s Cloud team really wants enterprises to know that it’s serious about serving their needs.

    09 March 17 06:26 Written by Blair Hanley Frank