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  • Review: Affordable videoconferencing for real conference rooms

    With a high-performance camera and separate audio module, the Logitech CC3000e conquers rooms too large for most off-the-shelf videoconferencing products

  • Review: It's easy to fall in love with <i>Her</i>

    Smartphones have become so integrated into our daily lives that we sometimes feel ungrounded without them. We develop relationships with them - some people could even be said to love them.

  • 10 file-sharing options: Dropbox, Google Drive and more

    Even with all the online storage now available, sharing files -- especially large ones -- can still be a problem. We look at 10 online services that aim to make it simpler.

  • Windows Server 2012 Release Preview: Compelling new features

    Windows Server 2012 Release Preview features a better virtual desktop experience, much easier DirectAccess deployment and a full-scale file-classification and access control system.

  • Galaxy S III review: Hands down, the best Android smartphone

    Thanks to real attention to usability and meaningful features, Samsung's flagship takes its place as the Android front-runner

  • Droid Incredible 4G LTE review: Great sound, good price

    HTC's Droid Incredible 4G LTE is not the sexiest smartphone on the market, but it offers great sound and Android 4.0 for a reasonable price.

  • Seagate Backup Plus review: Save your social media data

    Seagates new line of Backup Plus drives is a convenient way to ensure data from your computer and from social networking sites is backed up.

  • 10 e-commerce platforms make selling simpler

    We take a hands-on look at 10 e-commerce tools that can help businesses large and small sell products and/or services online. Insider (registration required)

  • Review: Weighing Windows Server 2012

    From network services and storage to virtualization and private cloud, the beefy new Windows Server leaves no server role unturned

  • Samsung Galaxy S III review: A rock star phone, but does it deliver?

    Samsung's Galaxy S III is one of the most hotly anticipated Android phones ever. So does it actually live up to all the hype?

  • Google polishes Chrome OS, but is it enough to entice buyers?

    Google launched the Chrome OS in late 2010 and has continued to update it despite lukewarm reception by the public toward the platform's model: a browser-centered OS running on a lightweight, minimally-spec'd notebook meant to be used with an always-on Internet connection.

  • Review: Up close with NetSuite's deep ERP

    NetSuite offers extensive ERP, CRM, and other business management functionality to organizations that recognize the value proposition associated with SaaS

  • Fluent review: An innovative new interface for Gmail

    A new service called Fluent promises to revolutionize the way you use Gmail. We put it to the test to see what it's really all about.

  • Review: 3 Web stack monitors in the cloud

    Monitoring services from Boundary, Circonus, and Librato combine simple setup and richly different capabilities

  • Preview: Huawei Vision smartphone

    Chinese smartphone manufacturer Huawei certainly knows how to build a bargain Android phone. But does it know how to build a bargain Android phone with style? That's what it is attempting with the launch of the Huawei Vision.

  • Hands on with the Dell Mini 3i smartphone

    The first Dell Mini 3i smartphone to go on sale anywhere in the world will be available in China this December for 4800 Chinese yuan (US$704) without a mobile phone contract, China Mobile representatives said Thursday.

  • Palm Pre

    I have a confession to make: About two years ago I made a big mistake and bought a phone designed for mere mortals when what I really wanted was an Apple iPhone. Don't get me wrong -- my Sony Ericsson W580i has served me well -- but I'm ready to move up to a super-phone.

  • BlueAnt Q1 Bluetooth headset

    If you have problems figuring out the buttons on Bluetooth headsets, the Q1 could make things easier

  • Sony Ericsson W595

    Another mid-range Walkman handset, the Sony Ericsson W595 mobile phone doesn’t offer anything new or groundbreaking and its build quality is questionable. Despite these issues, it remains a reasonable handset for the asking price

  • Thuraya SO-2510 satellite phone

    The Thuraya SO-2510 is a far cry from the traditional large and chunky satellite phones. In fact, it's claimed to be the world's smallest satellite phone. Although not rugged or waterproof, the SO-2510 should satisfy most users' needs in terms of reliability. Thuraya's reliance on a single satellite means coverage can be hit and miss, however.