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  • Outsourcing contracts: Foundations for success

    Most business and IT leaders learned to negotiate with outsourcers 15 or 20 years ago, when the virtual corporation was seen as the organization to emulate. Although virtual organizations have faded, they provided valuable lessons regarding how to structure outsourcing contracts. Unfortunately, those lessons are being lost. Over the last few years, I have encountered multiple organizations making "first-time buyer" mistakes when negotiating with outsourcers.

  • Why the Internet of Things may never happen

    The Internet of Things is great - if, that is, you like the Internet and you also own some things.

  • NASA bolsters Pluto-bound spacecraft for 2015 visit

    When you are on a 3 billion mile trip through the universe at over 34,000 mph, you might need a check-up or two to make sure everything is function right.

  • How Tom Wheeler's FCC plan will wreck your Internet

    FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler's proposal is brilliant because it takes the U.S. as far away from net neutrality as possible by presenting the killing of net neutrality and making it sound like the opposite.

  • Some customers aren't sold on US transition to IP networks

    Many U.S. residents who have written the FCC to voice concerns about the move from copper-based telephone networks to Internet Protocol are concerned about the potential effects on health from mobile-headset radiation and what happens when the electricity goes out.

  • Preston Gralla: With Comcast deal, say goodbye to the Internet as we've known it

    With little or no competition, Comcast will have little reason to increase speed or lower the cost of broadband, or any impetus to preserve Net neutrality.

  • Google Fiber divides users into 'the fast' and 'the furious'

    Google's Fiber project in in Kanas City, Austin and Provo shows that very high Internet speeds are possible in the U.S., but nobody except Google is working to make it happen.

  • Globalgig Hotspot: Taking the pain out of data roaming

    Business travel is, under the best of circumstances, a royal pain in the butt, and when you're roaming internationally with a smartphone and need to make some calls and keep up with email, you face a zonking great bill when you get home.

  • Four tools for checking bandwidth

    The question of whether you're getting the bandwidth you pay for is one that just doesn't go away. Twice in the last few months I've suspected my ADSL connection of running slow and, sure enough, despite the modem telling me I had 3Mbps down and 500Kbps up, for whatever reason, restarting the modem fixed the problem.

  • Opinion: Predicting the tech future

    For my recent column of predictions for 2013 I polled a huge number of IT people to see what they are expecting, and ended up getting more than 400 responses.

  • My love-hate relationship with my Verizon (Samsung) Range Extender

    I installed a Verizon Range Extender about 2 1/2 years ago and when it works it is flawless, but it is quirky.

  • AppNeta: A compelling multi-site wide area and network performance management suite

    Before look at wide area and network performance management tools this week I want to add a couple of other languages to the list of worthy tools I suggested in Gearhead the week before last.

  • The Ninth Annual Gibbs Golden Turkey Awards

    For the ninth time, Gibbs hands out awards to those on the path to Failsville

  • Even World of Warcraft is tracking you!

    Is there any organization or company that can resist surreptitiously tracking its customers?

  • Cell service bogus charges and limitations

    If there's one thing that chaps everyone's butt it's how the cellphone carriers seem to just keep grinding away to extract a few extra cents from their customers through bogus charges and ridiculous limitations.

  • Opinion: The privacy cat is out of the bag

    There comes a point in many situations where you have to recognize that the cat is not only out of the bag, it has stolen your wallet and your car keys and has taken the I-15 to Vegas.

  • Why we don't need Internet rights but do need a level playing field

    On July 2 this year a manifesto appeared called the "Declaration of Internet Freedom," which you can find at (I quote the URL for reasons that will be clear in a minute).

  • Preston Gralla: June 2012: The month the cloud got real

    Microsoft, Apple and Google have long seen that their future is in the cloud. Now they see their present there as well.

  • Just linking could get you 10 years in jail

    UK citizen Richard O'Dwyer faces the possibility of ten years in the slammer for having a site that linked to pirated content

  • Who owns your tweets?

    Both corporations and their employees who tweet on the company's behalf must clarify the question.