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  • Telstra to trial public Wi-Fi network in November

    The first Wi-Fi hotspots under Telstra’s $100 million plan to canvas Australia with public Wi-Fi are set to come online in November.

  • Telstra says it only keeps customer data for billing, network assurance

    A mandatory data retention scheme could be difficult and expensive for Telstra, according to the telco’s chief risk officer.

  • NBN Co would do more fibre if it was cheaper: Morrow

    The Senate committee overseeing the National Broadband Network has drilled NBN Co about a disputed report that claimed great cost reductions to rolling out fibre to the premise (FTTP).

  • Vodafone plans to log what websites customers visit

    Vodafone has revealed it is working a project that will record for up to 90 days what online services customers access.

  • Coalition, Labor back boost in ASIO's powers

    Coalition and Labor senators have combined to pass the government's first tranche of national security legislation.

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    Australian telcos remain holdouts on IPv6

    Australian ISPs continue to make a poor showing on IPv6 adoption, based on data released this week by World IPv6 Launch.

  • University of Queensland tenders for voice services

    The University of Queensland (UQ) has issued a tender for voice services as it looks to replace a number of systems including a private automatic branch exchange (PABX) and personal handyphone system (PHS) mobile phone platform.

  • One in five Australians not online: Broadband Commission

    Australia has ranked 21st in the world on Internet access, with 83 per cent of its people using the Internet, according to an annual report released by the Broadband Commission for Digital Development.

  • South Korea's gigabit broadband woes should serve as object lesson for FCC regulators

    The FCC now has collected more than 3 million comments in a major proceeding that may reclassify broadband Internet service to fit within the largely- inflexible common carrier model in Title II of the Communications Act of 1934.

  • Growing startup scene, employer loyalty lure tech talent to Midwest companies

    When Abby Cohen and Andrew Brimer decided to locate their health IT startup, Sparo Labs, in St. Louis, neither one considered a Midwest location as a challenge to attracting top technology workers.

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    Website blocking scheme not a filter, Comms Dept says

    Government agencies issuing notices under section 313(3) of the Telecommunications Act 1997 asking Internet services providers to block websites does not constitute "a policy of broad-based internet filtering", the Department of Communications has argued.

  • Hawaiki ramps up bandwidth plans with Hawai’i landing partner deal

    Hawaiki Cable Limited, the New Zealand owner and developer of Hawaiki submarine cable system, has selected Hawaiian Telcom Services Company, an indirect wholly-owned subsidiary of Hawaiian Telcom Holdco, as its landing partner in Hawaiʻi.

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    VDSL2 standards for NBN to clean up interference

    With vectored VDSL2 broadband expected to play a key role in the Coalition’s multi-technology National Broadband Plan, the Communications Alliance has updated two related industry standards.

  • TPG revenue soars, ISP releases FTTB plan details

    Internet service provider TPG has posted a 34 per cent increase in revenue for the financial year ending 31 July. The ISP reported revenue of $970.9 million and earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation (EBITDA) of $363.7 million; up 24 per cent on the previous financial year.

  • Pertino adds management, tracking apps to its service

    Pertino - a 3-year-old California startup -- rolled out AppScape, a portal to access apps that run on that network, including a location-monitoring application and another one that tracks usage of a customer's devices on the networks.

  • Ericsson acquires majority stake in Apcera for cloud policy compliance

    To fill out its cloud services portfolio with policy and auditing controls, Ericsson is acquiring a majority stake in San Francisco enterprise services company Apcera.

  • How haptics will transform your gadgets

    Haptics have been part of consumer electronics for a long time. When you put your smartphone on "vibrate," or when you play first-person shooters on Xbox, those vibrations are called haptics.

  • New body could take ACCC's telco access powers

    The draft report of the Competition Policy Review has recommended that a new organisation should take over a number of the regulatory powers of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, including the ACCC's telecommunications access and pricing functions.

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    Optus tunes up 4G network with carrier aggregation

    Optus has upgraded its 4G network in four capital cities in Australia with the launch of LTE-Advanced (LTE-A) carrier aggregation technology.

  • FCC questions how to enforce net neutrality rules

    The U.S. Federal Communications Commission needs to create explicit rules that tell broadband providers what traffic management techniques they can and cannot use if the agency has any hope of enforcing its proposed net neutrality rules, some advocates told the agency Friday.