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  • NSW government eyes integrated telecommunications network

    In a bid to reduce telecommunications costs, the NSW government has announced a plan to introduce an integrated telco network over the next 10 years.

  • Government reworks telco security legislation

    The government has redrafted legislation to implement its ‘Telecommunications Sector Security Reforms’ (TSSR) program.

  • NBN to ease capacity pricing burden for RSPs

    NBN is set to embark on a two-year trial that involves a series of scaled discounts to ease the capacity pricing burden on retail service providers (RSPs) that offer National Broadband Network services.

  • Privatisation of government’s ICON network put on hold

    The government will, for now at least, retain ownership of ICON — the Intra Government Communications Network.

  • How a telecom investment in North Korea went horribly wrong

    An Egyptian company that launched North Korea's first 3G cellular network and built it up to 3 million subscribers says it's effectively lost control of the operator despite owning a majority stake.

  • Optus complaints up, Vodafone and Telstra down, TIO figures show

    As a proportion of the number of telecommunications services in operation, new complaints to the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman in the April-June quarter dropped to their lowest level since 2007-08

  • Optus grows revenue, profit in first half

    At $230 million Optus net profit was flat for the quarter ending 30 September but revenue was up 7.4 per cent on the prior comparable period, the telco reported today.

  • M2 launches NBN wholesale offerings

    M2 today unveiled a new wholesale service for the National Broadband Network.

  • Vodafone backs smartphone-based distributed computing for cancer research

    Vodafone Australia's charity organisation, the Vodafone Foundation, has partnered with The Garvan Institute of Medical Research for a distributed computing initiative to help fight cancer.

  • Telstra closes in on gigabit mobile speeds

    Telstra has neared speeds of 1 gigabit per second in mobile speed tests, the telco has revealed.

  • NBN launches HFC pilot

    NBN has launched a hybrid fibre-coaxial (HFC) end-user pilot, the company announced today.

  • NBN revenue grows 154 per cent

    With NBN reporting $71 million of telco revenue for Q1 FY16, it earned almost as much in the quarter ending 30 September as it did for the five years leading up to FY14, the company's executives told a results briefing today.

  • Verizon may be looking to shed its enterprise business for US$10 billion

    Verizon Communications is considering a sale of its enterprise assets for as much as US$10 billion, according to a Reuters report on Friday.

  • ACCC moves closer to 'superfast' broadband regulation

    The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has issued a draft decision on regulating a 'Superfast Broadband Access Service', with the ACCC set to compel the operators of deliver 25Mbps+ services to open their networks to competitors.

  • Telstra takes court action over wholesale price cuts

    Telstra has filed an appeal in the Federal Court against a decision of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission to cut the prices Telstra can charge other telcos that use its copper network to deliver services.

  • Optus wins $115m DIBP ICT services contract

    Optus Business will help integrate the infrastructure of merged department

  • ​SpinTel customers offered new phone number following privacy breach

    More than 426 SpinTel silent line customers have been offered a new phone number free of charge after their details were accidently published online and in print.

  • ​Vocus acquisition of M2 gets ACCC go-ahead

    The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission will not oppose Vocus Communications’ (ASX: VOC) planned acquisition of M2 Group (ASX: MTU), the competition watchdog revealed today.

  • Government tightlipped on organisations seeking ‘metadata’ access

    The government won’t reveal which organisations or how many are seeking the right to warrant-free access to telecommunications data kept as part of the data retention scheme.

  • Victoria seeks 'metadata' access for Racing Integrity Commissioner

    Victoria's government is pushing for the state's Office of the Racing Integrity Commissioner to gain warrant-free access to the so-called 'metadata' retained under the data retention scheme.