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  • When the bot is you

    Soon you'll be chatting away with artificially intelligent bots. But the bot revolution will also usher in something strange: It will give us a bot to talk for us, as us. I call it a "me bot."

    16 May 16 20:00 Written by Mike Elgan
  • ​Reliability: Understanding the critical factors behind disk storage

    In the tech world it can be easy to focus on spec sheets but in reality a tech spec sheet will never tell you the full story about whether a product will meet your needs or miss the mark. This is particularly true when it comes to making decisions about your storage requirements where reliability is king.

    22 March 16 12:19 Written by Sandy Sun
  • ​Australia and New Zealand leading the Software-Defined datacentre revolution

    The trend of Australia and New Zealand being early technology adopters, combined with the fact we’re used regularly as the test bed for global organisations trialling new solutions and systems, places us in a perfect position to demonstrate the potential magic such revolutionary technologies can bring to businesses.

    22 March 16 11:14 Written by Craig Waters
  • Sub-optimal computer advice from the New York Times

    Small businesses are hit by ransomware. The New York Times says they should increase their computer security. I say this misses the real problem: backup, backup, backup.

    15 Jan. 16 01:42 Written by Michael Horowitz
  • Global privacy advisory market topping $3B

    How much do companies around the world spend each year on data privacy services to fix the problems we read about in the headlines every day? Nobody as far as I can tell has published an answer to this question. So this month I set out to pull together the best available data points on the market.

    13 Aug. 15 00:58 Written by Jay Cline
  • 'Parks And Recreation,' Facebook and The New Privacy

    If you tuned into <a href="">Parks And Recreation Tuesday night</a>, you were treated to an episode where social media startup Gryzzl attempts to win over the hearts and minds of its  new neighbors in the fictional town of Pawnee with boxes full of gifts, delivered via Amazon-esque drones.

    29 Jan. 15 09:04 Written by Matt Weinberger
  • How to make intelligent flash storage investment decisions

    This vendor-written tech primer has been edited by Network World to eliminate product promotion, but readers should note it will likely favor the submitter's approach.

    26 July 14 03:43 Written by Len Rosenthal, VP of Products, Load DynamiX
  • Evan Schuman: What if you can't trust your inbox?

    Goldman Sachs is taking Google to court to force the cloud vendor to delete an email accidentally sent to a Gmail user. The consequences of a ruling for Goldman would be devastating.

    08 July 14 22:40 Written by Evan Schuman
  • Career advice: 3 up and coming IT roles

    Premier 100 IT Leader William Mayo also answers questions on combining international teams and the skills needed to become a CIO.

    08 July 14 05:49 Written by William Mayo
  • PayPal locks out ProtonMail, asks if encrypted email service has government approval

    We previously looked at the huge demand for ProtonMail, an easy-to-use and free NSA-proof email service created by CERN and MIT scientists. It is based in Switzerland, meaning the U.S. government can't just hoover it up without an enforceable Swiss court order, which is hard to come by since the Swiss legal system has "strong privacy protections." The demand for the end-to-end encrypted email service was so high that ProtonMail ran out of a month's worth of server capacity in three days.

    02 July 14 05:49 Written by Ms. Smith
  • End users must be part of cybersecurity solutions

    As the old infosec adage goes, "people are the weakest link in the cybersecurity chain." Clearly, enterprise security professionals agree with this statement. In a recent ESG research survey, enterprise security professionals were asked to identify the factors most responsible for successful malware attacks. It turns out that 58% point to "a lack of user knowledge about cybersecurity risks" – the most popular answer by far (note: I am an employee of ESG).

    25 June 14 01:57 Written by Jon Oltsik

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