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  • Michael Kirven: Why 2014 is the year to become an independent IT contractor

    There's never been a better time to explore opportunities as a technology contractor. The potential payoffs can benefit both workers and companies.

  • Loren Larsen: 4 creative approaches to technical recruiting

    With low single-digit unemployment for IT workers and a scarcity of qualified candidates, it's critical for employers to become more effective in their recruiting efforts. Here are four fresh approaches.

  • Career advice: Learn from your mistakes

    Premier 100 IT Leader Doris Peek also answers questions on the value of education and of learning about the business.

  • Evan Schuman: Wal-Mart is latest big company with mobile-app security problems

    The evidence keeps mounting that companies that put out mobile apps are not paying nearly enough attention to security.

  • Seagate's latest: Drive fast, App slow

    The data transfer speed improvements that Seagate has made to their drives is remarkably impressive.

  • Security Manager's Journal: Giving thanks for SIEM

    This tool helps with a lot more than telling you at a glance about the threats you face.

  • Having fun with super-fast storage drives

    In my role as multimedia content editor for IDG Enterprise, I find myself with lots of video footage, which takes up a ton of storage capacity. Backing up that footage to external storage drives can take a long time, especially if you're using older transfer technologies, such as USB 2.0. Fortunately, there are some faster devices and transfer connections now available, here are two recent drives (and a docking station) that can help speed up your personal file storage transfer dilemmas:

  • Lessons learned from a cloud evaporation

    Cloud provider Nirvanix went belly up. Even if you weren't one of its clients, you can learn things from that mess.

  • How to calculate the costs of solid state drives

    Many organizations are considering swapping out some of their Hard Disk Drives (HDD) for Solid State Drives (SSD) to increase I/O throughput and power density (IOPS/Watt). But how do you compare cost vs. performance to determine the best technology mix for specific application environments?

  • Review: Buffalo's DriveStation DDR hard drive rockets your file transfers

    The scoop: DriveStation DDR (HD-GDU3), by Buffalo Americas, about $160 (2TB version) or $200 (3TB version).

  • SanDisk wireless storage drives excel; wearable MeCam a clunky camcorder

    The scoop: SanDisk Connect Wireless Flash Drive (16GB, $50; 32GB, $60) and Wireless Media Drive (32GB, $80; 64GB, $100)

  • Can ARM hold the mobile advantage over Intel's x86 architecture?

    As more is demanded of smartphones and tablets, the limits of ARM's RISC architecture will become apparent.

  • US government collects Verizon customers' phone metadata ... So what?

    A top secret NSA program to collect ALL Verizon customers' call data isn't at all surprising

  • Seagate's Central hits a home run in the NAS game

    Shaw reviews the Seagate Central network-attached hard drive.

  • Sizing your disk backup and deduplication system to avoid future missteps

    Correctly sizing a disk backup with deduplication to meet your current and future needs is an important part of your data protection strategy. If you ask the right questions upfront and analyze each aspect of your environment that impacts backup requirements, you can avoid the consequences of buying an undersize system that quickly exceeds capacity.

  • iOS VPNs and portable storage for Apple devices

    First up, serious networking stuff concerning Apple and how iOS supports VPNs and how it won't in future.

  • Big Data the security answer?

    The recent RSA conference in San Francisco was awash in talk of big data, but it was clear there was some disagreement about what people mean by big data and some outright skepticism about it being the answer.

  • LinkedIn open sources its database change capture system

    OK, lots of interesting stuff for you this week. First up, LinkedIn has open sourced a system called Databus, a real-time database change capture system that provides a "timeline-consistent stream of change capture events ... grouped in transactions, in source commit order."

  • Data backup should never be Plan B

    Data is more important to businesses today than it has ever been, doing everything from revealing trends in customer behavior to comparing sales performance across business units and regions. Comprehensive data collection provides the who, what, when and how associated with almost all organizational activity. This information is incredibly valuable to executives because it plays a critical role in strategic business decisions. As such, all businesses - big and small - must have a data backup strategy in place to protect against data loss.

  • Opinion: Predicting the tech future

    For my recent column of predictions for 2013 I polled a huge number of IT people to see what they are expecting, and ended up getting more than 400 responses.

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