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  • Protocol weds Ethernet and ATA drive

    Applications need massive amounts of storage, but servers have limited disk space. Moving storage out of a server and putting it on a network makes expanding storage easy. The ATA-over-Ethernet storage protocol (AoE) combines Ethernet and low-cost disks to create a simple way to connect storage to a network.

  • Media Wars

    The need to back up and store enterprise data is undeniable. How to do it is the question. Batch processing or continuous data protection? Point in time imaging? RAID disk arrays? Tape? Disk? A combination of the two? Optical media? Memory sticks? A length of fencing wire and some sticky tape?

  • Storage on the Fly

    Success in today's e-business landscape is all about speed. Companies must learn how to define new sales opportunities faster, answer customer queries quicker and reduce the time it takes to bring new products to market if they expect to gain an advantage over their rivals.

  • Virtual Storage, Real Benefits

    Storage virtualization is recognized as one of the best ways for IT managers to streamline routine tasks like backup, archiving and recovery, but in terms of delivering benefits to the business, these advances are just the tip of the much larger iceberg. Pooling network storage can deliver an array of benefits to your enterprise, including improvements to database performance, capacity utilization and application availability.

  • Keep the Motors Running

    Everyone knows that organizations run on IT, and that should the IT go down the organization is at risk of following it - right down the drain. There is no greater risk to an organization.

  • New wrinkles in storage

    Finally, corporate chieftains are beginning to understand that business runs on information. Information properly exploited can yield competitive advantage. Information properly stored can be retrieved when needed for business, legal, regulatory compliance or disaster recovery purposes. And information properly protected will keep the company's name from joining the news media's growing list of privacy and security breaches.

  • The virtues of virtualized storage

    Virtualization technology comes in several guises, but it's here today and can be a valuable part of your storage strategy.

  • High-speed databases rev corporate apps

    Relational database management systems have become all but ubiquitous in enterprise computing since 1970, when they were first devised by E.F. Codd. But as powerful and flexible as those databases are, they've proved inadequate for a handful of ultrademanding applications that have to process hundreds or thousands of transactions per second and never go down. Now, the very-high-performance database technologies that sprang up to serve these niche markets, such as options trading and telephone call processing, are poised to move into mainstream computing.

  • The server strategy: Virtualization

    IT execs who have delayed virtualizing their x86-based servers for fear the technology is still unproven should put that project at the top of their to-do lists for 2006, as the market for virtualizing the low-volume systems heats up.

  • How to buy storage

    Do storage vendors really sell hardware anymore? I'd say no. They sell solutions, value-add services, software, maintenance and so forth. Whatever they call it, you still need to store, protect, back up and archive your data on something.

  • Allianz Life adopts tiered storage

    Two years ago, David Kaercher, vice president of core services for Allianz Life Insurance Company of North America, had a dismal storage utilization rate of around 30 percent and little buy-in from business executives who didn't want to spend money on systems they didn't understand.

  • Watchful eye

    Storage resource management offers a single window into the storage network.

  • Data Center Gets Star Treatment

    As it rushed to complete work on Star Wars: Episode III-Revenge of the Sith last February, special effects company Industrial Light and Magic found itself split between two worlds. The new home of the San Rafael, California-based studio was in the final phase of construction as part of the Letterman Digital Arts Center (LDAC), a 850,000 -square-foot, four-building campus in San Francisco's Presidio National Park. Two of those buildings today serve as headquarters for George Lucas' Lucasfilm as well as its ILM and LucasArts Entertainment Co. subsidiaries.

  • BI Backup Breach

    It's not difficult to do, but backing up BI data takes time and effort. Without it, that hard-earned data could float away.

  • Storage by the cluster

    Russ Miller runs a monster of a server cluster that eats storage at an incredible rate. The bandwidth requirements alone on his 22TFLOPS system force Miller to look outside the storage box, so to speak, for better throughput and scalability.

  • Making sense of storage management

    In a world where compliance encourages companies to save everything, emerging standards promise flexibility and control for heterogeneous storage environments.

  • The 100-Year Archive Dilemma

    As more organisations store more data longer, the IT industry seeks a better way.

  • NAS and SAN - a meeting of distinction

    For so long defined as individual technologies, NAS and SAN systems are rapidly converging to the point where the software controls the distinction. IT managers looking at next-generation storage systems must see beyond the box to more unified network storage architecture. Rodney Gedda reports

  • Future of Storage

    Storage has come along way in just a few short years with the advent of virtualization, information lifecycle management and consolidation. Companies of any size can access a vast array of strategies, tools and solutions. But what's next? Siobhan McBride looks at where storage can go from here

  • Big-time Storage on the Cheap

    Late last year, Ameritrade Holding's IT department began ripping out its high-end monolithic storage systems and replacing them with less-expensive and more-modular midrange storage arrays.

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