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  • Get faster

    Master modern app delivery to win in today’s digital marketplace.

  • An IT lesson from Anonymous: Even lawless groups need rules

    Recruit a bunch of anarchists and — surprise, surprise — you get anarchy.

  • Where are all the good Web developers?

    If you’re having trouble finding them, ask yourself: Am I a bad client, or am I looking in the wrong place?

  • Anyone see a problem with this plan?

    IT manager pilot fish is also a clinical psychologist, and he's worked out a way to piece together an electronic clinical records system for this large mental health center. Then his boss discovers the project.

  • Microsoft kills off plan to pay people to write good things about Internet Explorer

    It was only a couple days ago when Microsoft released its Internet Explorer Developer Channel, "a fully functioning browser designed to give Web developers and early adopters a sneak peek at the Web platform features we're working on." Any chance IE might have gotten some long-term social media love was dashed after a clueless "social strategist on behalf of Microsoft" invited the wrong person to write something positive about Internet Explorer.

  • The 10 hottest JavaScript framework projects

    Community strength is a huge factor is determining which JavaScript framework to adopt. Here's a close look at the activity swirling around AngularJS, Backbone.JS, Ember.js, and more

  • The 10 hottest JavaScript framework projects

    Community strength is a huge factor is determining which JavaScript framework to adopt. Here's a close look at the activity swirling around AngularJS, Backbone.JS, Ember.js, and more

  • To make IT 'agile,' devops is not enough

    Devops aims to heal the often bitter divide between developers and operations, but delivering more and better solutions faster demands an enterprise-wide commitment

  • Surveys show that enterprises tablet use is on the rise

    One in three U.S. adults now owns a tablet computer, up from 18% last year, according to a June 2013 study by the Pew Internet and American Life Project. So what about professional use? Are tablets standard-issue employee equipment? To find out, CDW surveyed professionals from midsize and large business, healthcare, higher education and state and local government to see how these devices are affecting day-to-day productivity.

  • 10 surprising things from my 20 years with Network World

    Yep, I've been writing for Network World for 20 years and a lot has happened in that time ... here are 10 of the most surprising

  • No more Adobe Dreamweaver, so how about Xara Web Designer?

    If you're doing serious Web content engineering you might well choose an all-singing, all-dancing product such as Adobe's Dreamweaver. The latest version of Dreamweaver in Adobe's Creative Suite 6 (released just over a year ago) was really impressive with new features such as an improved user interface, support for jQuery UI widgets, better cascading style sheet Version 3 support and support for PhoneGap. All in all, a very cool and comprehensive Web development platform.

  • Directly connected to the Internet of Things

    Last week here in Backspin I discussed how real-world "things" that aren't easily augmented with digital instrumentation, such as bicycles, cars and even dogs, can be indirectly connected to the Internet of Things (IoT) using physical ID tags and online proxies. This is, as I pointed out, a powerful concept.

  • NAB show roundup: Cool gear for videophiles

    I've spent the past few days at the annual show for the National Association of Broadcasters, also known as NAB. The trade show, held in Las Vegas, features events and products geared toward television and radio stations, as well as filmmakers and other video creators.

  • The 'Minority Report' shopping experience

    Everywhere you go these days -- every store, every urban street, every car park, every ATM -- there are video cameras watching where you go and what you do. Just what are "they" (whoever "they" are) doing with all of that video surveillance?

  • AppNeta: A compelling multi-site wide area and network performance management suite

    Before look at wide area and network performance management tools this week I want to add a couple of other languages to the list of worthy tools I suggested in Gearhead the week before last.

  • Pure and Julia are cool languages worth checking out

    Gibbs starts the New Year with two languages and a new productivity tool.

  • Realtime's push beats Ajax pull

    How's that there cloudy thing working out for you? Sure, you get flexible, elastic infrastructure at a pretty good price, but what about your data transfer costs? The same question applies to "traditional" hosted apps; data transfer costs can mount up quickly for large client populations.

  • What do 100% of mobile users want? No fails!

    The rush to make everything mobile has generated new ways to do business, new ways to organize ourselves and new ways to communicate, but mobile apps aren't your father's mainframe, desktop or laptop applications.

  • PhoneGap fills the smartphone development gap

    Mobile apps are all the rage these days, but to get one built for your organization can be a daunting financial prospect. Should you decide to go to a bespoke shop to have your dream iOS or Android app coded you would be looking at a seriously large price tag.

  • 5 examples of "really good stuff"

    In the quest to keep you, dear reader, entertained and informed I undertake extensive research to find what's hot, interesting and useful. This means that I spend a lot of time looking at "stuff" of which only a small fraction of the "really good stuff" gets published.