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  • Oracle ships nearly 60 mobile apps for JD Edwards

    Oracle is responding to an ever more mobile customer base with the rollout of 57 mobile applications for its JD Edwards EnterpriseOne business software suite.

  • In brief: Zendesk seeks room to grow

    Helpdesk software-as-a-service provider Zendesk has expanded its Melbourne development centre into a new building, adding capacity for another 100 work stations.

  • W3C wants to open the social Web for the enterprise

    The World Wide Web Consortium wants to bring the power of social media to the enterprise.

  • Ping Identity rolls mobile one-swipe authentication; takes aim at RSA tokens

    Identity and access management vendor Ping Identity today unveiled software-based multi-factor authentication that lets users to sign onto an enterprise service or system with a swipe of their smartphone.

  • Appcelerator gears up for the business world

    System administrators take note: That mobile employee expense app you're building should be every bit as easy to use as Facebook. Oh, and you better deliver it quickly too, because that's how Facebook rolls.

  • Mozilla's JPEG compression slims down file sizes

    Mozilla has released an updated version of its JPEG compression tool that shaves down file sizes by 5 percent, a small figure but one that is significant for image-intensive Web services such as Facebook.

  • Cloud, open source power TransLink's Web presence

    It was an aging bespoke application that drove TransLink to seek a new content management system, but it was the strength of the community surrounding the open source project that helped the Queensland public transport agency choose Drupal.

  • Oracle hopes to make SQL a lingua franca for big data

    Oracle is hoping to turn heads in the crowded data analysis market with Big Data SQL, a software tool that can run a single SQL query against Oracle's own database as well as Hadoop and NoSQL data stores.

  • Senate to reveal voting code, whether the AEC likes it or not

    The Senate today passed a motion requiring the release of the source code for software that is used to count votes in upper house elections.

  • Open data: Government launches 'National Map' for geospatial data

    The federal government has launched an online map of Australia that allows users to overlay geospatial datasets made available by agencies.

  • Patch alert: Update browsers' Flash ASAP to block log-on theft

    While Google's Chrome and Microsoft's IE10 and IE11 browsers will automatically update to the latest version of Adobe Flash, anyone using Safari, Firefox, Opera or older versions of IE must do so manually.

  • Python bumps off Java as top learning language in US

    Python has surpassed Java as the top language used to introduce U.S. students to programming and computer science, according to a recent survey posted by the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM).

  • MyNetFone charts course in app-dominated world

    The future of voice communications may be in 'over the top' applications, but there's life yet in the humble phone number according to the CEO of VoIP provider MyNetFone. Phone numbers "are this invisible glue that everyone takes for granted," Rene Sugo says.

  • Facebook uses functional programming to make News Feeds run smoothly

    Facebook went with a novel programming methodology, called functional programming, to update the News Feed for its Apple iOS client, which helped considerably in tuning and debugging the app.

  • Ruby on Rails gets patches for SQL injection vulnerabilities

    Two SQL injection vulnerabilities were patched in Ruby on Rails, a popular open-source Web development framework used by some high-profile websites.

  • Australian startup snapshot: Gym PocketGuide

    Designer Technology is a mobile app developer from Brisbane that has built the top-rated fitness app on the Microsoft Windows Phone store.

  • Microsoft acquires software for debugging Unity games

    Looking to boost Visual Studio's capabilities for game builders, Microsoft is acquiring SyntaxTree, creator of a widely used Visual Studio plug-in for debugging games that run on the popular Unity game engine.

  • Oracle hopes to entice mobile developers with new framework

    Oracle is hoping it can attract more developers with MAF (Mobile Application Framework), which aims to simplify the development of cross-platform enterprise apps for smartphones and tablets.

  • India a hotbed for next-generation smartphones on the cheap

    India has become the battleground for a new generation of low-cost smartphones, with Google, Microsoft and Mozilla all hoping to lure new users onto their platforms and services.

  • With components, Google agitates for a revolution in Web development

    At the Google I/O conference this week, the company vigorously lobbied developers to adopt a new programming model, one that could, the company asserted, make it radically easier to build Web applications.