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  • 9 research projects that could transform the enterprise

    From unstructured data mining to visual microphones, academic labs are bringing future breakthrough possibilities to light

  • 9 bad programming habits we secretly love

    Breaking the rules can bring a little thrill -- and produce better, more efficient code

  • Rogue Wave buys PHP technology leader Zend

    The acquisition is expected to help accelerate Zend's push into large enterprises

  • Apple devs: Don't let Apple's Xcode validation scare you

    Apple told devs to validate their copy of Xcode using a simple procedure -- but unless you have Xcode version 7.0, your copy may not pass the test

  • Hey Apple, were you hosting hacked copies of Xcode?

    Using the validation method recommended by Apple, a check of a Xcode 6.4 -- downloaded from Apple servers -- came up negative. Here's how to check your copy

  • Microsoft's new Edge browser: Boon, bust or both?

    A growing portion of Windows 10 users last month ran the new Edge browser, according to one analytics firm. But another metrics vendor claimed the opposite, saying Edge usage had slipped. Both could be right.

  • Salesforce Aura ventures into open source -- to a point

    Salesforce's Aura framework for designing business apps is open source, but you'll have to pay for its drag-and-drop design tools

  • Apple's iOS 9 takes ad blockers to dangerous new heights

    The ad-blocking wars were already damaging, but Apple is pushing it to an alarming level

  • Why Node.js beats Java and .Net for Web, mobile, and IoT apps

    Speed, scalability, productivity, and developer politics all played a role in AnyPresence’s selection of Node.js for its enterprise development platform

  • Why developers have more power than you think

    Many people still believe developers simply do what they're told, but as Twilio CEO Jeff Lawson says, skyrocketing demand for more and better software is putting devs in the driver's seat

  • Kill Flash? Be careful what you wish for

    The death of Flash will impact more than a few enterprise IT solutions, with nasty repercussions for admins

  • Brace for these 5 big changes in Bootstrap 4

    An alpha is out for the next version of the popular Web design framework, so here's what designers interested in migrating from Bootstrap 3 need to keep in mind

  • How Apache Ranger and Chuck Norris help secure Hadoop

    The Hadoop ecosystem has always been a bag of parts, each of which needs to be secured separately -- at least they did need that, until Apache Ranger came to town

  • Microsoft (yes, Microsoft!) ups the container ante

    Oh how the worm has turned, and today sees Microsoft roll out container-friendly technologies.

  • Cisco's Thor project swings a hammer at Web video codecs

    Cisco is the latest big name to take on the challenge of developing an unencumbered video compression technology

  • Cobol -- yes, Cobol -- gets a bridge to Node.js

    Cobol and Node.js may seem like an odd pairing, but a developer has created a link between the two platforms, despite criticisms

  • What's on tap for Mozilla's Rust in 2016

    Incremental compilation, cross-platform deployment, and features that don't break the language are all planned for the new year

  • Stop the funeral! Objective-C is alive and kicking

    Objective-C may no longer be the stylish language choice for Apple iOS and Mac OS development -- that mantle is being assumed by Swift, <a href="">introduced in mid-2014</a>. But proponents of Objective-C don't expect it to go away quietly anytime soon.

  • Web Real Time Communication (WebRTC) applications emerge as the tech stabilizes

    Perhaps the single-most significant standards based technological advancement in the field of unified communications over the past year has been the completion of Web Real Time Communication (WebRTC) standard and the appearance of several WebRTC based implementations.

  • Sick of Flash security holes? HTML5 has its own

    HTML5 has been billed as the natural, standards-based successor to proprietary plug-ins such as Adobe's Flash Player for providing rich multimedia services on the Web. But when it comes to security, one of Flash's major weaknesses, HTML5 is no panacea.