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  • Tweets now appear in Google search results

    Performing a search on Google now also displays relevant tweets from Twitter. The integration will widely distribute Twitter content beyond its own site and is also aimed at adding a new real-time element to Google search results.

  • Facebook could cash in from Messenger games

    Facebook is said to be eyeing games for its mobile Messenger product, a move that might jump-start the revenue the company generates from non-advertising sources.

  • Reddit's new anti-harassment rules anger some users

    Upon learning of Reddit's plan to change its rules to prohibit harassment and make the site friendlier, some users reacted with resentment and confusion.

  • Facebook tackles 'myths' about, says it's no walled garden

    Facebook's project provides access to online services in developing countries, but it's also sparked questions about its compatibility with net neutrality, Facebook's underlying business motives and how the company collects user data. On Wednesday, Facebook sought to set the record straight.

  • Facebook wants to become your news destination of choice with Instant Articles

    Facebook aims to speed up the delivery of news on the company’s mobile apps with Instant Articles. The New York Times, National Geographic and others will use it to publish interactive articles directly on Facebook’s iPhone app.

  • Some Flickr users facing browser support woes

    Some Flickr users are reporting problems with the photo sharing site that may be related to what browser they're using -- even if the browser's up to date.

  • Facebook study disputes the 'echo chamber' effect

    On Facebook, you might see a fair number of news articles shared by friends supporting Republican presidential candidates as the race heats up. Even if you're a Democrat.

  • Facebook's software smarts put cold storage on a power diet

    When it comes to storage, Facebook is learning to do more with less.

  • Companies crunching Twitter data to understand customers

    Companies are signing up to a service offered by Twitter and IBM to access data from the social media giant in order to get insights about customer churn and sentiment.

  • New app can unearth video gems on Periscope

    In perhaps the first sign that live streaming might spawn its own assortment of sub-players, a visual data analysis startup is putting its chops to work to categorize and rank videos on Periscope, the app owned by Twitter.

  • Airbnb's new app for tablets features magazine-style layout

    Airbnb has developed a new app customized for iOS and Android tablets in an attempt to give those users a better way to browse its million-plus home rental listings than with the devices' web browsers.

  • Twitter eyeing Apple to help distribute its tweets

    Soon, when you do a search on your iPhone for someone's contact info, a recent tweet from them might also pop up.

  • Facebook adds free video calling to Messenger

    Users can now place free video calls with Messenger, as Facebook continues to extend the app beyond simple text-based chats.

  • The contact centre goes social

    Enterprise social media is maturing. Initiatives such as content delivery and contextual marketing are becoming common practice in the market.

  • Appeals court rejects man's claim he owns half of Facebook

    Paul Ceglia, who for years has claimed to own 50 percent of Facebook, was denied a bid to revive his case against the company in a U.S. appeals court on Monday.

  • Live streaming apps pose legal risks for users

    Live video is messy. It's raw, unedited, and with new mobile apps, it's now capable of capturing many more people who aren't aware they're being recorded. And in some cases, that can add up to legal problems,

  • Want to be open to all direct messages? Twitter will let you

    As part of Twitter's larger push to give more people a reason to use its service, it is changing its direct messaging function to let users receive missives from people they don't follow.

  • Facebook tries to keep it real by killing more 'fake' likes

    Facebook has tripled its detection and elimination of "fake" likes, which can artificially inflate a brand's prominence on the site and deceive users, the company said on Friday.

  • Should computers determine how our kids learn to talk? Maybe not

    Increasingly, computers are deciding what news stories we read, and may even end up teaching our children to speak. But whether we should allow them to is becoming the subject of a heated debate related to the use of algorithms.

  • Instagram clarifies rules to ban revenge porn

    Instagram is clarifying its rules around sexual, illegal and other inappropriate content, including posts involving revenge porn.