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  • At Facebook, a sharpening focus on virtual reality

    In 10 years, there may be no need to check Facebook's site to see what that friend overseas is up to. You might just pick up a pair of goggles, reach out and hold her hand at her birthday party.

  • Facebook's Like button can still easily be gamed

    Facebook's Like button is a pervasive feature of the Web, a way to gauge the popularity of a website or piece of content. But researchers have found it's easy to inflate the numbers, undermining its value as an accurate measure of popularity.

  • How Messenger chats factor into what you see in Facebook news feed

    Haven’t seen many posts from some friends lately on Facebook? Perhaps you need to reach out directly to them.

  • Facebook pushes Messenger as future of business communication

    Facebook is positioning its Messenger app as a way to improve communications between online businesses and their customers.

  • Facebook extends Parse tools to the Internet of Things

    Facebook is extending its Parse developer tools to the Internet of Things, providing software and services for bringing connectivity to home appliances, fitness trackers and other objects.

  • Facebook extends Parse to build IoT apps

    Facebook is extending Parse, its suite of back-end software development tools, to create Internet of Things apps for items like smart home appliances and activity trackers.

  • Facebook Messenger is now open for business

    Facebook is throwing open its Messenger app to third-party developers, letting them add new functions that will make it much more than a tool for communicating with friends.

  • acquires Spanish online marketplace has made its second acquisition this year, picking up Spanish language online skills market

  • Facebook Messenger as a platform? It's a gamble

    Facebook's Messenger app has traditionally been used for keeping in touch with friends. Now people can also use it to send each other money. In the future, it could become a platform which other apps could use, if recent rumors prove true.

  • Twitter adds tool to report tweets to the police

    Twitter has added a tool to help users report abusive content to law enforcement, which could aid in removing the most threatening posts as Twitter ramps up its efforts to combat harassment.

  • Australian government requests for Facebook data grow by a third

    Requests from Australian police and government agencies for Facebook user data climbed in the second half of 2014, newly released data from the social network shows.

  • Facebook acquires The Find e-commerce search engine

    Facebook has acquired The Find, a nine-year-old company with a search engine that indexes products across thousands of e-commerce sites.

  • Twitter bans stolen nude photos and revenge porn

    Twitter has amended its policies to ban the posting of intimate photos and videos taken without the person's permission.

  • Facebook to face class action lawsuit over kids' purchases

    Facebook will have to defend itself in a class action lawsuit seeking to force it to provide refunds when children make purchases on its site without their parents' permission, a judge has ruled.

  • Facebook letting advertisers take a deeper look at users' posts

    Next time you start a conversation on Facebook about that new shirt or watch you bought, you might be unwittingly delivering juicy feedback to the retailer.

  • ISIS supporters operated at least 46,000 Twitter accounts, study finds

    Supporters of the Islamic extremist group known as ISIS operated at least 46,000 Twitter accounts at the end of last year, a new study says, underscoring the challenge facing social networks as they become powerful tools for propaganda and recruitment.

  • How LinkedIn uses data to drive sales

    Sales representatives at LinkedIn are using data from the professional social media website to help customers with hiring and marketing.

  • Google's new car insurance site lets you compare rates

    Google has launched a new auto insurance site in the U.S. designed to simplify for consumers the process of shopping for policies.

  • Five things we learned about Etsy from its IPO filing

    Etsy, the online marketplace for buying and selling handmade goods and crafts, disclosed some interesting tidbits about the company's business when it filed to go public Wednesday.

  • Senate passes legislation to crack down on social media

    The government yesterday won support from the Senate for its online safety bill, paving the way for the creation of a Children’s e-Safety Commissioner and the implementation of a system to compel social networking sites to remove bullying material.