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  • Virtualisation: How to get your power company to pay

    It might have been the rage in 2006, but interest in green IT drooped along with the economy during the last two years, analysts say.

  • Selecting an Open Source Operating System

    There's a large selection of free and open source (FOSS) operating systems available these days, and choosing the right one for any given circumstance can be quite a challenge.

  • Virtualization Technology Guide - Definition, Vendors, Products

    So you’re about to roll out Windows 7 and are thinking of going down the virtual desktop path. You’ve built a good set of skills around server virtualization and feel ready to take on the desktop. Either way, desktop virtualization is increasingly on IT managers’ radars for its promise of greater ease of management, costs savings, flexibility, improved control over security, ability to create and push virtual standard operating environment (SOEs) out to users anytime, anywhere and its ‘green IT’ benefits.

  • Buyers' guide: Storage Arrays

    Investing tens of thousands of dollars on a storage array is not a process to be taken lightly. It is, however, an opportunity to set the organisation up with a sound and scalable storage strategy that continues to provide savings down the track.<