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  • Review: Office 365 turns up the heat

    Latest blend of Exchange, SharePoint, and Lync servers in the cloud combines an excellent feature set with easier setup and management

  • Top users of H-1B visas are offshore outsourcers, Computerworld study finds

    The biggest users of H-1B visas are offshore outsourcers, many based in India, or U.S.-based companies whose employees are mostly located overseas, according to government data obtained and analyzed by Computerworld.

  • The lazy geek's guide to building a home media center

    Anything less than a DIY digital home entertainment project means making the most of Apple TV

  • PC epicenter moving to Asia as Dell, HP regroup

    Asia is fast becoming the epicenter of the PC market as Chinese and Taiwanese companies challenge the turf occupied for more than a decade by prominent U.S. PC makers Hewlett-Packard and Dell, whose laptop and desktop shipments are stumbling.

  • Opinion: Dell has its work cut out for it

    Taking Dell private is a bold move, but won't ensure success. If you can't recognize opportunities and execute properly as a public company, buying yourself shelter from investors only takes you so far. The bigger challenge will be rejiggering the corporate culture and core processes to make more innovation possible.

  • Hybrid Clouds pose new security challenges

    If 2013 is the year enterprises begin implementing their hybrid Cloud strategies, as the experts are predicting, then it follows that this will also be the year when hybrid Cloud security takes center stage.

  • 12 hybrid security products to watch

    Securing a hybrid cloud is not the same thing as deploying hybrid security products.

  • Dell offers glimpse of its post-buyout life

    There is a lot yet to be told about how going private will change Dell, but one thing it won't change is its enterprise strategy.

  • In-depth first look: Microsoft's Surface for Windows 8 Pro

    Microsoft's home-built ultrabook called Surface for Windows 8 Pro goes on sale on Saturday in the US and may be the Windows 8 device that best meets a wide range of corporate needs from tablet to desktop.

  • Microsoft's loan to Dell certain to trigger more OEM angst, say analysts

    Microsoft's $US2 billion loan to Dell, one of its largest computer-making partners, will have an impact on how other OEMs view their Windows ecosystem collaborator, according to analysts said today.

  • Microsoft may be seeking protection from Linux with Dell loan

    Microsoft's $US2 billion loan to Dell is a sign that the software maker wants to influence hardware designs in a post-PC world while protecting itself from the growing influence of Linux-based operating systems in mobile devices and servers, according to analysts.

  • At IBM Connect, IT execs talk about betting on enterprise social

    Unused intranets. Siloed departmental portals. Excessive email use.

  • The pros and cons of an Apple-Intel divorce

    There's no need for an OS X-iOS merger, but Apple could ditch Intel in its Macs -- or adopt Intel in the iPhone and iPad

  • The pros and cons of an Apple-Intel divorce

    There's no need for an OS X-iOS merger, but Apple could ditch Intel in its Macs -- or adopt Intel in the iPhone and iPad

  • Dell buyout would free execs from shareholder pressure, distraction

    With buyout talks gaining steam, analysts say Dell Inc. could be looking to free itself from quarterly distractions and shareholder pressures.

  • Microsoft's 13 worst missteps of all time

    DOS 4.0, Zune, and Windows 8 are but a few of the landmarks among 25 years of failures Redmond-style

  • Chicago CIO's IT revival plan includes the cloud

    Chicago this month disclosed that it plans to use Microsoft's cloud services to deliver email and desktop applications to some 30,000 employees, part of a significant effort to improve the city's IT operations.

  • City living: There's an app for that

    Inspired by the release of ever larger and more detailed sets of municipal data, citizen-developers are writing apps to ease every aspect of city living, from preschools to parking meters.

  • AMD passing on phones, focusing on tablets and hybrids

    The PC market may be taking a beating but chip maker Advanced Micro Devices is has no plans to move toward the hot new market: smartphones.

  • Why Oracle bought Eloqua, and what it means for the market

    Oracle surprised many tech industry observers by announcing Thursday it would pay US$871 million for marketing automation software vendor Eloqua. The move seemed a bit unlikely given the amount of sales and marketing software Oracle already had.