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  • Can anybody catch Amazon?

    It is quite a stretch for most cloud service providers to match the geographical reach of Amazon Web Services.

    26 Aug. 13 11:05 Written by Christine Burns
  • Microsoft pushes its way Into crowded unified communications market

    Microsoft's Lync has evolved into a serious unified communications competitor for enterprises looking to upgrade or adopt a UC platform. In a crowded field where players still struggle with interoperability issues, Lync's integration with Skype is a potentially transformational improvement.

    09 Aug. 13 14:01 Written by Juan Carlos Perez
  • RAM wars: RRAM vs. 3D NAND flash, and the winner is... us

    While resistive RAM's chances of crowding out NAND flash anytime soon are slim, the coming RAM wars mean mobile users are likely to have hundreds of gigabytes, or even a terabyte, of storage at their fingertips.

    08 Aug. 13 22:07 Written by Lucas Mearian
  • The Moto X represents the future of everything

    The Moto X is a revolutionary smartphone that will push everyday voice interaction with an artificial intelligence virtual assistant into the mainstream.

    05 Aug. 13 08:17 Written by Mike Elgan
  • Businesses adopting robots for new tasks

    Thanks to better sensors and other tech advances, robots are being used for new applications, including quality control.

    01 Aug. 13 13:30 Written by Esther Shein
  • Icahn in control after Dell ups offer to take company private

    Michael Dell and Silver Lake's decision to raise the offer to take Dell private is a concession that rival Carl Icahn and affiliate parties may have an upper hand in the wrangling to take over the company, observers of the deal said.

    24 July 13 17:57 Written by Agam Shah
  • MIT looks to movie CGI to make 3D printing easy

    MIT has created OpenFab, an open source, programmable pipeline architecture for 3D printers that was inspired by RenderMan, the software used to design computer-generated images in movies.

    23 July 13 21:47 Written by Lucas Mearian
  • Office revenue smells sweet even as PC sales stink it up

    Microsoft's Business Division, the company's biggest money maker for 10 out of the last 11 quarters thanks to its Office cash cow, was not immune to the historic decline in PC sales.

    19 July 13 11:16 Written by Gregg Keizer
  • Smartwatches still in a 'so what' phase for consumers

    With Apple's iWatch and several competing smartwatches from major manufacturers in the works, some analysts question whether consumers will embrace such wearable technology.

    18 July 13 10:12 Written by Matt Hamblen
  • SAP's Q2: The hot topics

    SAP is set to release its second-quarter results on Thursday, and as usual market watchers will be paying close attention given the vendor's bellwether status within the enterprise software market.

    17 July 13 20:29 Written by Chris Kanaracus
  • So, a comic walks into a tech convention

    Go to a technology event or corporate meeting these days and you're bound to hear from a guest speaker. It's often someone like a retired politician telling war stories, or a new-age management guru delivering a thinly veiled pitch for their latest book.

    10 July 13 20:51 Written by Chris Kanaracus
  • The 3D TV fad is already over

    3D television programming may be out before it was ever in, according to industry analysts. In fact, the BBC just cancelled its 3D programming indefinitely.

    09 July 13 20:07 Written by Lucas Mearian
  • Worst -- and best -- IT interview questions

    Why are manhole covers round? Why do you ask? Tech managers weigh in on the practice of using brainteasers to screen IT candidates and share their own favorite interview questions.

    09 July 13 10:33 Written by Stephanie Wilkinson
  • Driverless cars yield to reality: It's a long road ahead

    Take a drive on Highway 101 between Silicon Valley and San Francisco these days and you might see one of Google's driverless cars in the lane next to you. The vehicles are one of the most visible signs of the increasing amount of research going on in the area related to automated driving technology.

    08 July 13 23:53 Written by Martyn Williams
  • The promise of software defined networking

    If you aren't intimately familiar with software defined networking, don't fret. Only 10 per cent of 450 IT practitioners at a recent Network World event raised their hands when asked if they understand SDN. But if the emerging technology lives up to its promise to redefine networking as we know it, there is no time like the present to dig in and learn more.

    28 June 13 19:32 Written by John Dix

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