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  • The ultimate auto-pilot software gets $15M boost

    DARPA says the Aircrew Labor In-Cockpit Automation System or ALIAS program, which was announced in 2014 envisions a tailorable, drop-in, removable software kit that allows the addition of high levels of automation into existing aircraft. “Specifically, ALIAS intends to control sufficient features to enable management of all flight activities, including failure of aircraft systems, and permit an operator to act as a monitor with the ability to intervene, allowing the operator to focus on higher level mission objectives,” DARPA stated.

  • Cisco sues HP over VoIP contract

    Claims it's owed $58M while HP seeks "full credit" after cancellation

  • How HP used Big Data to optimise its fleet of 6000 vehicles

    HP collected data on nearly 6000 vehicles the company owns to gain efficiencies based on how they are used.

  • Server growth remains healthy in Q2, despite fall in midrange systems

    During the period, vendors together saw their server revenue grow by 6.1 per cent year over year, to $US13.5 billion. Meanwhile, server shipments increased 3.2 per cent from a year ago.

  • DARPA: Current DDoS protection isn’t cutting it

    The DARPA program, called Extreme DDoS Defense (XD3) looks to : • thwart DDoS attacks by dispersing cyber assets (physically and/or logically) to complicate adversarial targeting • disguise the characteristics and behaviors of those assets to confuse or deceive the adversary • blunt the effects of attacks that succeed in penetrating other defensive measures by using adaptive mitigation techniques on endpoints such as mission‐critical servers.

  • HP serves up its open switches

    Accton-based hardware, announced in February, certified by OCP and run multiple OSes

  • Dell creates new server division for 'second-tier' hyperscale customers

    Dell has formed a new business unit to go after the “second tier” of hyperscale customers — those with similar needs to those of Google and Facebook but who aren’t quite as massive.

  • Buzzblog is on vacation

    Starting in however many more minutes it takes me to post this and continuing until Tuesday, Sept. 8, I will be on vacation and therefore failing to blog

  • Mother Nature teaches Google a lesson

    Four successive lightning strikes on a local utility grid in Europe caused a data loss at Google's Belgium data center.

  • UK government inks fresh deal with Oracle

    The Crown Commercial Service revealed that it has just signed a new, three-year deal with the software vendor.

  • The evolution of public cloud in Australia

    Despite early resistance to Cloud migration, the evolution of Public Cloud offerings has reached a tipping point and mainstream adoption of such services is on the rise.


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