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  • Developers can now use Embarcadero's RAD Studio for Windows 10 apps

    Embarcadero released RAD Studio 10 Seattle, a big upgrade of its rapid application development platform.

  • Eclipse seeks donations for open source development

    Funding for development work on the Eclipse IDE and other projects will come from individuals and corporate users

  • Facebook open-sources Hack code generator

    Hack Codegen creates code for Facebook's PHP spinoff

  • LinuxCon 2015 in Seattle: It's all about the servers

    This year's event was surprisingly lacking in gadgets and discussions about consumer-focused Linux devices.

  • Former Google engineer revs up a new Linux filesystem

    An ex-Googler is writing a file system, Bcachefs, to match the speed of traditional Linux file systems with the advanced scalability and reliability of newer file systems.

  • Apiary aims to improve API quality with integrated testing service

    Apiary has integrated an API testing service with the company's development platform to help developers continuously verify local code changes

  • IBM partners to make mainframes more mainstream

    IBM is looking to boost its mainframe business with a Linux push that includes new hardware, software and the founding of the Open Mainframe Project. The company is also contributing mainframe code to the open source community.

  • 'Open Data 500' releases initial results

    Many of the Australian businesses and not-for-profit organisations using data sets released by the government are employing open data to create new or improved products and services, according to the initial results of the Open Data 500 study.

  • React JavaScript library gets new tools

    React, a JavaScript library co-developed by Facebook and Instagram for building user interfaces, is getting "entirely new" developer tools.

  • Red Hat readies OpenStack for the enterprise

    Red Hat has polished the open source OpenStack Cloud hosting software so that it can be more easily deployed within enterprises.

  • LibreOffice gets major update with version 5, is now Windows 10 compatible

    LibreOffice, the popular open source office suite, received a major update Wednesday with the release of version 5.0, which adds a host of new features and compatibility with Windows 10.

  • Android Studio focuses on C++ editing

    Android Studio, which has been billed as "the official Android IDE," is getting improvements in C++ language accommodations, annotations, and memory profiling with the release of the 1.3 version this week.

  • DTO chief: Australia could be 'best in the world' for digital government

    There is a "huge" opportunity for Australia to transform how government services are delivered, according to Paul Shetler, the recently appointed head of the Digital Transformation Office.

  • IBM aims Watson's cognitive computer power at CVS customers

    IBM's Watson will be working for drugstore chain CVS in a partnership that has the supercomputer pointing its cognitive computing power at customers with chronic illnesses such as diabetes, hypertension and obesity offering care providers insights into their patients' behaviors.

  • Opponents focus on defeating CISA cyberthreat info sharing bill

    Opponents of a U.S. Senate bill intended to encourage businesses to share information about cyberthreats may have stalled a vote on the legislation.

  • Using Watson, IBM and CVS aim to predict when your health is about to decline

    Pharmacists at some 7,800 CVS drugstores across the U.S. will soon be able to tap IBM's Watson cognitive computing system in the hopes of predicting customers' health problems before they arise.

  • Windows 10: Fact vs. fiction

    It's a few days before Windows 10 is officially slated to drop, and still, confusion abounds. Worse, many fallacies regarding Microsoft's plans around upgrades and support for Win10 remain in circulation, despite efforts to dispel them.

  • IBM moves open source business software to the cloud

    IBM has set up a new code repository that aims to foster collaborative development of enterprise open source software -- and it may also drum up interest in its own Bluemix platform services.

  • JRuby upgrade promises better performance

    JRuby, a veteran among languages other than Java riding atop the JVM, will be upgraded Wednesday with the release of JRuby 9000.

  • What's behind Linux's new Cloud Native Computing Foundation?

    Today a group of 19 companies, led primarily by Google, created a new open source foundation that aims to specify how clouds should be architected to serve modern applications.