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  • Cisco bets big on open source

    Cisco is investing heavily in the open source software movement as it makes the transition from being primarily a networking company to an IT and services company.

    12 May 16 08:36 Written by Stuart Corner
  • Open-source really could help get you a job, study finds

    Experience in the open-source world is a valuable asset for technology job-seekers, and it’s getting more so over time, according to the latest Open-Source Jobs Report, which was published today by Dice and the Linux Foundation.

    06 May 16 07:33 Written by Jon Gold
  • 6 colleges turning out open source talent

    Most IT departments have project roadmaps that will require open-source skills, but finding recent college grads with open source talent can be challenging.

    02 May 16 20:20 Written by Sandra Gittlen
  • Telcos turn to OpenStack for network virtualization

    OpenStack — a collection of open source software projects that allow users to develop and manage a cloud infrastructure in a data centre — has emerged as a key technology underpinning the push by telcos to virtualize their networks.

    26 April 16 15:16 Written by Stuart Corner
  • OpenStack’s director: Why open source cloud should be the core of your data center

    OpenStack has cemented itself as the dominant open source IaaS platform. But at the same time, more proprietary offerings from vendors like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and VMware reign in the market. OpenStack Foundation Director Jonathan Bryce makes the case of why open source cloud should be the foundation of your data center.

    25 April 16 20:00 Written by Brandon Butler
  • OpenStack by the numbers: Who’s using open source clouds and for what?

    The latest bi-annual survey data of OpenStack users shows the continued march of the open source cloud software into mainstream of enterprises, but also reveals the project’s continued challenges related to ease of deployment and management.

    25 April 16 20:00 Written by Brandon Butler
  • Making your command line more helpful and fun!

    You can do a lot more with your command line font colors than turn them on and off. How about picking your own colors? How about customizing your prompt so that it balks when you make a mistake?

    21 April 16 22:51 Written by Sandra Henry-Stocker
  • Telstra invests in Nginx

    Telstra’s VC arm, Telstra Ventures, has made a strategic investment in San Francisco-based Nginx, best known for its eponymous open source web server software.

    21 April 16 13:55 Written by Rohan Pearce
  • Getting the most from ifconfig

    If you haven't examined all the lines in the ifconfig output, you might find that there's more data there than you expected.

    19 April 16 09:01 Written by Sandra Henry-Stocker
  • Open-source vulnerabilities database shuts down

    An open-source project dedicated to cataloguing a huge range of computer security flaws has closed its doors as of Tuesday, according to an announcement on the Open-Source Vulnerability Database’s blog.

    08 April 16 07:16 Written by Jon Gold
  • The artistry of top

    The top command's many options allow you to be creative when you're looking into system performance

    30 March 16 10:31 Written by Sandra Henry-Stocker
  • Having your way with rsync

    With the right group of options, you can get rsync to do just what you want and nothing more

    08 March 16 13:02 Written by Sandra Henry-Stocker
  • FAQ: What the heck happened to Linux Mint?

    Linux Mint is one of the most popular desktop distributions of Linux in the world, so when the organization suffered a serious security breach late last month, it made waves in the open-source community.

    03 March 16 06:51 Written by Jon Gold
  • Microsoft continues hybrid push with stretchable SQL Server

    Microsoft is keeping up its push to provide businesses with hybrid cloud tools by offering a new feature that lets companies stretch their database tables from on-premises infrastructure to its Azure storage service.

    03 March 16 05:12 Written by Blair Hanley Frank
  • How Microsoft learned to stop worrying and love open source

    Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer once infamously described Linux as a cancer. Microsoft’s founder, Bill Gates, in the past criticised the ‘Pac-Man’ like nature of the most famous open source licence, the GPL.

    02 March 16 11:11 Written by Rohan Pearce

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